Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 10: Should You Visit the Pier-2 Arts Center in Kaohsiung?

~ 23rd March 2014 ~
After walking across Takao Railway Museum, you will start seeing these big giants decorated in senseless wordings. It's creative but I don't know what are they called.
We were not at the heart of the Art's Centre yet but we were almost there. It was actually along the way but in the end we didn't make it there. We entertained our rumbling stomach instead, hunting for a place to dine in. So is it a must-go place? The answer depends on your liking. If you are one artsy person, then go. If you feel that it's a waste of time, then don't. If I have the extra time in hand, yes, I would be spending a few hours there.
Those warehouses that were abandoned were used up as arts' studio like what we have in Penang where the old Hin bus depot was put to good use to showcase these young artists talent. It's not all about drawings only. There were some warehouses used as platforms to perform the musicians' gigs. 
If you happen to be there already, just go... if not you will end up like me regretting about not going... *wailing*

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