Saturday, May 09, 2015

Day 10: Let the Journey in Kaohsiung Begin~!

~ 23rd April 2014 ~
Finally, finally... I'm writing on our day 10. What an improvement... *bravo to myself* Seriously regretted for staying in Taipei for too many days. Should have stayed in Kaohsiung for at least three or four days... *heartbroken*
Breakfast was included with our minsu but we have to walk to the cafe. They served breakfast but we were not suppose to simply grab anything we like. I would prefer those buns but sad to say... we could only have those already waiting for us.
I was almost in tears seeing that my soy bean milk was served in bowls instead of a tall glass with ice cubes. The weather was so hot yet the Taiwanese adored hot drinks. There was no ice cubes to be found. I did try for ice cubes. It's scalding hot and not drinkable but they have tongues made of heat-proof material. They can just lap up the whole bowl and I left mine untouched.
And they spoil our roti canai... that was so NOT roti canai... Never mind, I'm on holiday... I can go without food...
Our journey began with a thousand steps. I don't remember this place... but I know obviously we were on foot instead of in a car ride. Nice view...
We finally arrived at the train station. Nice building... Penang, when can we have this? Will the mammoth plan be approved?
Patty did the buying of the tickets while we just looked on. I think I only know how to use a machine that's fully operating in Malay Language or English. Any Chinese characters made me feel inferior. I don't even know how to top up the train card. Anyway, we didn't buy any day pass because we were just going to make it one way. Sounds like we're not planning to come back :o)
I'm going somewhere along those lines. I've done my research on Kaohsiung. That's why I really regretted not staying over for another extra few days. Dislike Taipei to the max~!

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