Thursday, May 07, 2015

Day 9: Why One Should Dine in Ikki Japanese Restaurant...

~ 22nd March 2014 ~
We were hungry. We needed food and we were walking around in Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung is a big county and I had no idea where I was if I was holding a compass and also a map. We just told Patty, our sudden customized tour guide that we needed really good food. Our Kaohsiung tour guide made the best choice ever~! Please remove all the night markets plan and enjoy fantastic meals in Taiwan. If you need superb night market food, please come to Penang Island. 
We hopped into a yellow cab and Patty directed the driver to drop us in front of Ikki, a Japanese restaurant. I have no idea what sort of place is this but as long as the restaurant accepts credit card and will serve us with tables and chairs, we're going in~! In we went and we got ourselves a table just by the window. The best part was there have English menu so I do not need a translator to tell me what kinda dish is being served and how they are prepared.
While waiting, the long lost friends have a good time together. Our table was one of international citizenship, Malaysians, Taiwanese and Chinese with half of the feet planted in Australia. Excuse the terrible lighting for the photo. The place is of upper class value so the lighting is somewhat dim, not suitable for photography but good for a romantic dinner. The price of each person is fixed. It's sort of an ala-carte buffet. We don't care about the price actually. As we tell ourselves, we're wealthy people poor in cash.

One should not miss dining in Ikki when one is in Taiwan. Other places you may forget to go, but when one misses Ikki, one missed out a big chunk of the holiday. When our food arrived right under our nose, we went 'ooh-ing and aah-ing'. The food was creatively served and even if a piece of meat should cost only RM2, with the way they served, anybody would be willing to fork out RM20 for one small piece of meat. That's why I said we did not care about how much we had to pay. We felt that with a few thousand NT$ for four person is worth every cent.

For the first time, I'm baring it all of what we ate in Ikki. If we were to stay in Kaohsiung for a few more days, I wouldn't mind dining in Ikki for every meal.
My travel buddy was too hungry to even look up. Shes afraid we would rob her of her food. You couldn't imagine just how happy we were.
Dishes in Ikki were not just creatively served but the taste was exquisite. I've not tasted such fine Japanese cuisine before. Just wait till we go to Japan next. For now, I would say that Melbourne and Taiwan serve really fine Japanese cuisine. 
Oh, restaurants in Penang should follow after Ikki. Prepare a nice box for the ladies to put their handbags and shove the bag under the feet. No one would crawl to your feet to steal your bags unless for some desperate humans. But in high class restaurants, I doubt that there would be anyone crawling on all fours just to get to someone's handbag. There's nothing much in a lady's handbag actually. You will find used tissue, some empty wrappers of nuts or sweets, maybe a bottle of water and crumpled receipts.

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