Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Toy Museum

My third day of CNY was spent in a good way too.... Therefore, I would like to show where I had been and promote Penang to you as well.... Just in case you do not know what place on Earth is that!

The entrance fee is a little too high. Each adult is charged RM10. I have a lot to comment about this Toy Museum.... but since I'm not in a hurry, I will share with you what I liked most. Too bad can't put all the photos in!

The whole building has been decorated according to the Pharoah of Egypt's pyramid. It looks sort of eerie and dark... this collector has a lot of demonic and satanic toys... this is the toys which I condemned. There's Spawn, Chucky, and many more which show witchcraft.

Aww... look at the huge Bugs and Wile E. Coyote standing next to each other while Scooby looks on.... you can never see this in cartoons coz these three do not appear in the same films.

This has been my favourite since I was young... and I still love it. Wish I can own all the Garfield stuff... I used to have the shirts and I still own a Garfield pillow without the body... only the head. Hope somebody will give me a full length Garfield for my birthday.....

Now, the whole family of Looney Tunes! How come there is no Animaniacs? There's Tweety, Sylvester (for once not chasing each other), Taz (I have a bigger Taz at home), Daffy and mostly repeated stuffs in different styles and angles.

Look at the Brother Bears.... There are other toys like the whole set of Barbies (but never like Barbies) ... there's Starwars (also I don't like), Sesame Street & Co. and Doraemon, Chicken Little, Finding Nemo, all the rest of the Walt Disney cartoon characters. Too bad I can't upload all the wonderful pics....

It's said that the Toy Museum is owned by an avid toy collector. I have doubts about that. The whole place plus the collection of toys might cost up to a million dollar! Even the boxes are well kept. Now, this is what I have in mind.... the collector might be a wholesaler of toys or even an importer. He might be churning a lot of money from the entrance fee collected on the visitors and buy more toys. The thing is there are only 60% of toys belonging to him put up in the toy museum. He always changes the toys. Where does he keep the old ones?

I felt cheated as if the toy museum showed collection of limited edition toys or even toys collected in the 17th century or even older then I will feel satisfied spending my time there. I saw the Spawn collection in Gurney when I went there.... therefore it really makes me think... even Toys-R-Us can be a better Toy Museum as they own imported and better toys. There are many shops in Prangin selling soft toys, they can also open a Toy Museum, but the difference is they are selling the toys but Toy Museum displays the toys.

On the way to another destination, I saw this building....

Yeah... it's the modern floating mosque.

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aL said...

thx for the entry. luckily i didnt waste my money there yet. lol.