Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tropical Spice Garden

My next destination after the Toy Museum....

I don't have to tell you the name of the place since you can read it... it's bright and clear!

Entrance fee is RM13 but RM20 with a guide. Pretty expensive no wonder not many Penangnites come over. Kedekut! Don't find much exciting thing though.... a lot of plants like oil palm and some other special plants which makes you stare in wonder... God is so great. There's this kind of plant which the fruits grown from the top right to the bottom. When the fruits touch the ground, the whole plant will die.

This is the fan palm... if I have a landed property then I will consider planting this in my garden as it gives shade... nowadays the weather is just too unbearable!

Oh! This is the first time I get to see a pineapple plant. I have seen the plant without the pineapple before. So small and it's edible when it's ripe...

The flower on the left is called the 'naughty boy' ... well by just looking at the flower I guess I do not have to elaborate where the name comes from... :) Erectically cute!

That is the Mayan Hammock. It is a Mexican hammock, based on a centuries-old craft, hand-woven from strong cotton cord. In the Mayan peninsular, the hammock is used as a chair, bed or for off-ground storage. Can actually sits up to 3 persons but some huge visitors have hurt the hammock with big tear... hmm... I can still fit into it.

I like visiting these kinda places... so jungle like... I guess I just love nature walk....

Walking with the guide is very informative too... I just know that black and white pepper comes from the same plant. The black pepper is taken when the seeds are matured. The white pepper is taken when the seeds are matured and 100% ripe. Then there's tongkat Ali and also Kacip Fatimah plant.

Bunga cengkih cannot be eaten too much coz it'll be poisonous in our body... it's used in the production of kretek cigarette by Indonesians. Our good government bannedr the dangerous kretek cigarette to protect our health but brainless people somehow or other illegally bring it into Malaysia.... so sad.... go against the law just to destroy their own body! Stupid!


aL said...

where's this place?

yenmei said...

That place is in Tanjung Bungah la... along Miami Beach