Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What A Disgrace....

Last Friday, one of my neighbours, who is a 72-year-old active man, died of a heart attack. At around 10.30a.m. he was busy monitoring the grass-cutters to trim the long grasses near our block. He even forked RM10 for each of the workers so that they will do their work properly. After that, he had to take a few flights of stairs just to get home which is on the 3rd floor.

As he reached home, he encountered breathing difficulties. He was just so tired. His wife, daughter and grandchildren were home at that time. He died peacefully in the embraced of his wife.

Here is what that I felt and feel until now... which was and is a shame and disgrace to the medical staff....

Within 10 minutes, his body became cold and he silently slipped away. His wife felt faint throbbing of his pulse. Her immediate response was to call for an ambulance. She dialled for General Hospital. To her great surprise, the person who answered said," Sorry. There is no ambulance at the moment."

Haha... what a joke! Such a big hospital runned by government lacked of ambulances. Therefore, I would like to suggest that government should use the people's money to buy more imported ambulances which can run like an F-1 car... to safe a soul! No need to beautify the roads or even spent so much money on landscaping.

Since Pantai Mutiara is so near, she called them up. Informing them her husband got a heart attack. She requested them to bring along a nurse with an oxygen tank. Actually before she got a hold of them, she had tried calling at least three times. The staff said an ambulance will be on the way. That time was almost 11.10p.m. This is more surprising than anything....

Let me tell you something, time taken from our place to Pantai Mutiara Hospital:
Jogging = 10 minutes
Brisk walk = 15 minutes
Strolling = 20 minutes
Walk along with my dog = 20 minutes
Me walking in high-heels = 25 minutes

Now, that bloody ambulance took 35 minutes. It's an emergency and they reached our block at 11.45p.m. After waiting for so long, the wife and daughter decided to carry him and drive him to the hospital themselves. They carried him all the way downstairs and lo' and behold! the ambulance just arrived. Cool.. they don't even have to use their strength as the wife and daughter were still carrying him. His pulse was still around... Off they went in the ambulance. There was no nurse or oxygen tank in the ambulance. The driver took a slow drive to the hospital like he was sight-seeing and touring around Jalan Tengah.

The moment they stepped into the 'hotel' hospital, he past away.... more surprises to come. The hospital staff insisted that the wife and daughter pay RM350 for the ambulance trip... RM350 for a long trip that killed her husband. If they were fast and efficient enough, he would have lived for a few more years. The hospital staff became rude and told them if they wanted to leave the hospital with his body, they have to pay immediately. Thank God the daughter has her credit card with her....

Whatever happen to the caring doctors, nurses and medical staff? Didn't the hospital management team realized that their big fat and round asses are sitting on the big fat chair and driving around in luxurious cars paid by sickly and dying patients? What kind of treatment is that? I shall give credits to 'ah longs' ... even conmen still have caring hearts.

I agree that everyone work to earn big bucks... but to the extend of toying with a human life? Isn't that too much?

I have heard various complaints about the poor treatment from General Hospital. I have been there a few times. Look around and you'll have to stop complaining. Everyday there are thousands of people getting treated at our government hospital. They face a shortage of doctors and helpers and they have to tend to so many patients coming all over from the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. This is because Penang General Hospital is the most well equipped hospital. We should thank the staff in Penang General Hospital for their ability to cope with so many tasks at once....

Shame on private hospitals which always turn down on dying patients.... why? They are afraid that the patients died and tarnish their good name.... For name sake... humans are really blinded by greed of money and popularity... it's not going to bring them anywhere.

We should always be reminded of these:
No matter how rich we are, one day we will become poor;
No matter how strong we are, one day we will become weak;
No matter how healthy we are, one day we will fall sick;
No matter how independant we are, one day we will be dependant.

Pride comes before the downfall....
I'll bear in mind that we should always humble ourselves and treat everyone as an equal... everybody is special in the eyes of the Lord.

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