Saturday, February 04, 2006

Chinese New Year Outing...

This year's CNY is the worst I guess! The first day of CNY I sat in front of the television .... falling fast asleep... trying to keep my eyes open to accompany my lonely soul... actually can't wait to drive back to Penang... Penang is so much fun to be compared to the ulu place in Sungai Petani.

On the second day, I stayed in bed until 2p.m. while my sis went off to work.... my sis is a workaholic!! After reading Reader's Digest for half the day, off I drove to Giant in Bayan Baru. But haven't reach Giant we went some other place for lunch upon my sis' request.

The three of us went to Secret Recipe in Penang... actually I wanted to go to KFC but my sis didn't want to.

Ordered some interesting stuff to eat.....

From left to right: Chocolate Marshmallow Cake, Mushroom Chicken and BBQ Chicken ( tasted more like my sweet and sour chicken). Lastly the expensive Banana Split.

Eventhough I can make the banana split on my own, but it's worth paying people to cook for you once in awhile.

After dining, off my sis to work and me mom and I continued our journey to boring huge Giant. Things there are not very cheap unless there's a tag showing its under promotion. Then went home for awhile to keep our stuff newly bought... mostly household stuffs.

After 10 minutes of resting, off we went to Tesco but on the way there mom changed her mind and we went to the newly modified Youth Park. Now it looks so nice and so many people go there for a jog or just to spend time with their families. In a way it's a healthy activity compared to spending time shopping and wasting more money on unnecessary items which only become the white elephant in the house.

Things in Tesco are still the cheapest around. This may be because they trade using pound therefore they don't feel the pinch charging at lower price than the ceiling price for some controlled items.

Shop around until 10p.m. then only went home.... I considered this as a very good outing coz after that I'll have to work round the clock again for 7 days a week... that time I can't even go window shopping anymore.

Now I'm only looking at my calender and wait for the Raya break to come... then I'll have another week of holidays..... wah have to flip the calender so many times.... must be still a long way to go... but actually when I start to work it feels like Year 2006 is gonna end as fast as it comes!

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all the best in year 2006!