Friday, March 17, 2006

An Act of Selflessness

On Thursday morning, I went to the General Hospital. Heard of H.Pylory bacteria in your stomach?

Well, I'm not having it lar of course. That bacteria will cause ulcer in the stomach and also inflamation. Your stomach wall will be thinner than usual and you're prone to get gastric pain once too often. This can only be stopped by eating three types of antibiotics and also multiple tests to view your stomach through endoscopy. That is by inserting a tube with camera through your throat all the way down the oesophagus and *pop* in the stomach.

I met somebody whom I've not seen for sometime. I do really miss her and her name is Justine Wong. I'm so glad to see her and she's quite free over there. Just making some rounds with other seniors there. Heard that there were many deadly diseases patients like AIDS and cancer. Some have undiagnosed diseases so after they are dead send the body for forensic department to ascertain the cause of death. How sad life is over there.

I really thank God I'm not involved with that stupid man who migth carry the HIV virus in his body. And he's also a drug abuser. I really thank God I'm out of it. God really is a great God.

I wanted to do something more useful with my body. So since I'm already at the hospital and there's a campaign out in the open, I signed up as:

Well, I think this is the least that I could do. Anyway if I die outside of the hospital, they are not going to dig out any of my organs cause they may be lack of oxygen. Therefore, they will only take the cornea. But since I have astigmatism and my cornea isn't perfect I think they are not going to take anything from me. No harm joining though. At least, I can do something for the needy.

Today as I was travelling along the road behind USM, I stopped at the traffic light. Nothing happened. I went to take a U-turn for less than 5 minutes, a car which stopped at the same spot that I did was wrecked up beyond recognition. I shudder at the thought that it could be me if I was late 5 minutes.

God has been very merciful to me. He is so patient eventhough I'm not an obedient child to Him. Today itself He has shown me what He could do within minutes and seconds. He is wonderful beyond comprehension.

The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin. —1 John 1:7

Sufficient is the blood of Christ

To cleanse us from all sin,

But daily we must claim its power

To keep us pure within. —D. De Haan


aL said...

i miss ah just also!

yenmei said...

Since you miss Ah Just... then come back we still have time to go out for dinner... my treat this time... seafood in Teluk Kumbar! That if you come back before she goes back to Aust.