Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MarryBrown Fast Food Restaurant

That's in Bukit Jambul Complex... just opened few months back. I'm not going to give any good comments for this MarryBrown.

The chicken porridge tasted like the one at hawker stall... the thing is the one at hawker stall tastes better. Yucks! Don't like it. The value meal consists of a piece of chicken and a chicken burger. Fighting for business? A&W... KFC.... McDonald. Is this going to survive?

It's double cheese chicken burger. It tastes exactly like the fillet-o-fish in McD. The chicken burger does not have any resemblance of chicken burger. It's too soft like fish burger. Even the Fish Sandwich in KFC tasted harder. I wonder what type of fish does KFC use? Whale... coz the texture is not salmon, dory fillet or even shark.

The texture of the mashed potatoes are not fine enough. The chicken is too salty. I prefer A&W or even KFC's hot & spicy. Will this fast food restaurant survive? Or will it disappear like A&W? Thank goodness A&W make a come back in Gurney Plaza and also at the ourdoor space in Prangin Mall.

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