Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Penang's Own Cyberjaya

Oh, wow! Penang is developing at a tremendous speed. Hopefully I can keep up with the modern society without losing my morale.

Can you see this pile driver? It's moving up and down nonstop at the site where it used to be Sunshine Square's extra parking lots.

In a few years time, this will be Bayan Baru's Cyberjaya, the main technology hub where we have our own webhosting. If I'm not mistaken, the building is called Sun City. There will be a big swimming pool in the building itself for the office tenants. I wonder will they be swimming when they're too bored working? Hmmm... if me I think I will do that when the sun is scotching hot.

Directly opposite this pile driver is BB Coffee Shop. I was having a plate of chicken rice and I was enjoying it with a rhythmic jolt of the building. *Ugh* " I'm gonna have indigestion!"

I'm not going to eat there anymore. The whole building was shaking every single second. There are two pile drivers but they only switch on one. If both, I think Sunshine Square will crack into two.

Opposite to Pisa where there's a huge empty plot of land will have the biggest food & beverages and also shopping mall standing proudly on the land in a few years time. The land has been cleared and piling will begin soon. That gigantic place is called Piazza. Sounds French but I don't know where is it from.

Let me do a summary of where we can spend our hard earn money. I'll break them into a few categories.....

Departmental stores :
Sunshine Square ( Bayan Baru ) - I love the clothes there
Gama ( Jalan Datuk Keramat ) - I like the clothes there
Piazza ( Bayan Baru) - coming soon
Metrojaya - limited choice of clothes
Parkson Grand - a nice place to shop

Huge malls :
Queensbay Mall ( Pantai Jerjak ) - the longest in Penang coming soon
Gurney Plaza ( Gurney Drive ) - a high class place to hangout
Prangin Mall ( Jalan Lim Chwee Leong ) - teenagers hangout
Island Plaza ( Tanjung Tokong ) - a dead place by 8p.m.

Hypermarkets :

Giant ( Jalan Tengah ) - prices not that low

Tesco ( Glugur ) - prices all the time low

Makro ( Sungai Dua ) - suitable for people who buy in bulks

Well.... with so many places to splurge my money I wonder whether I will have enough to survive through the days. Hahahha..... I'm glad I'm staying in Penang and not from any 'ulu' and 'inactive' places.


aL said...

kewl! yea..i saw the banner for the sun city some time ago in front of BB coffeeshop.

opposite PISA one lagi syiok! food food glorious food!

wei..our area there very happening d hor. later no more georgetown! lol! faster buy more properties in b.baru to rent out!!!

yenmei said...

Good idea also.... buy and then sell not rent... sell at a very high price!! then maybe I can get myself involve with properties...

aL said...

yep! real estate is good!