Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Best Dinner I Ever Had

Food has always been my best friend other than shopping, of course! Last Saturday, I shifted my late evening classes earlier so that I had time to bring my mother out for a pleasant dinner. For those who know me, I'm quite a busy person. My mom wanted a fast dinner coz' she promised to go out with her friend. Then on the way, her friend called to cancel the outing. U-turn the car, and we are heading to a place where I've always wanted to try out.

This is in Teluk Kumbar on the way to Gertak Sanggul. It's situated by the beach. When I say by the beach, it's really by the beach.

The scenery is beautiful. There are children playing on the beach and at the far end there was a fisherman casting his net into the sea. It's good to go to this kinda place once in awhile to relax but staying in this place - I don't think I can survive.

I always have difficulty ordering food. I'm quite choosy and there are things that I don't like to eat. Those which I know how to cook also I won't order coz' I want to save money..... actually I'm just a stingy person.

I can't think what drinks I wanted. Iced-Milo is like what I get to drink everytime, tea - yucks! so set for this, my mom wanted it leh... not me. I can go without drinks. Mom complaint that the coconut was old ..... to hard... fighting with the coconut to dig out the flesh. The coconut water was cooling, though. Not much to say.

The waiter taking our order had a hard time pleasing my appetite. Whatever he mentioned, I said, "Don't want!" In the end, I set for this piece of pork. This piece of flabby pork is soaked with red bean tomato sauce. Those who are health freak will shun this dish. Looks quite mouth watering. So I took a small bite and .... oh wow! This is superb! Very very nice in deed. Forget about how much fat it contained. Just eat... you know... be grateful that there's food on the table.

Gung poe squid has kinda bored me since I know how to cook it. So decided to try this - salad mantis prawn. Its not mayonnaise covering the mantis prawn.... tasted more like salsa... and then like the pungent curry powder in my mouth.... and in the end after taking two pieces I don't like it anymore. I prefer the one I tried in Langkawi at Teo's Seafood Restaurant... thumb's up for that! But couldn't find it here.

Food and prawns will be pricey. I get to eat fish and prawns everyday. Crabs also pricey - RM35 for a kilo. So, no no for that. Aww..... my favourite paddy frog fried with dried chillies. But look at the dish.... such a small portion only. They overcooked the paddy frog and the flesh shrunk like crazy... only left the bones obviously. Not as tasty as other restaurants.

In every meal, there must be vegetables included. I don't eat many many types of vegetables except for this :

Look how little there is on the plate. I cooked more than that and didn't even cost as much. I can buy from the market thrice the portion and cost half of what they are charging. Again.... it's people's energy preparing this meal. So ought to pay them handsomely.

Do you think I'll be full eating these few dishes? The answer is absolutely not!! I don't care how much it costs anymore. Since I'm already there I wanted to eat until I'm half full at least.

Waiter! What else do you have which will be mouth watering for me?
That's pearl kepah. Quite big to my surprise. But there were only 8 on the plate. I ate 3 only. How to fill up my stomach arrr?
Waiter! Ehh..... change to waitress pula. I think that man got scared liao.... She's is better in introducing....

Deep-fried tau kua with abalone. I've never tasted abalone... I thought it's tasteless.... how should I know this is the best dish I've ever tasted for that night!!

Not half full yet... really and seriously don't know what to order liao....

Yeah.... that's me holding what I'm about to eat.... hahahah I'm not going to eat it raw lar....

Dip it with Thai chilli sauce and put it in your mouth! It's very crunchy and tasted like prawns. I don't really like it... but I bet if I didn't see the alive and kicking sea cockroach... I would have love it. Can't imagine the legs kicking as it entered my stomach. I wonder how the contestants in Fear Factor ate those slimy and raw creatures?!

Now, this place charged a little bit too high compared to Good Friend Seafood Restaurant in Teluk Kumbar also. I prefer Good Friend coz' I get 10% discount... and the food there is tastier and they give more... not so little leh.... that night I didn't even feel that I've eaten a lot. No matter what.... the food is okay and I really love the tau kua. Those few dishes cost me less than RM80.

AL... have you been there? If not, next time when you're back for good we can go. Annie went to Good Friend before... so next time maybe we can go together. Thai Seafood Restaurant along Gurney Drive wasn't bad either. The venison (deer meat) is fantastic. Cheese lobster in Victoria Station... superb!


I think I'm both of the above' statement!


Pao Pao said...

GOsh...how could u tempt me with all the food..i've been eating tasteless self-prepared meals for one month...and i have 8 more months to go...dun tempt me!!!!

yenmei said...

Ah Pao after 8 months when you're back then I can bring you there to eat for real!

aL said...

no..hvnt been there. set. dats our date ok! when i get home..im sick of kl food. they seriously suck a big time.