Thursday, February 12, 2009

How I Cried...

when I was having my lunch.

Maybe I was thinking 'bout how terrible it was for the Africans not to be able to have a simple meal.

Maybe I was thinking 'bout how difficult some people had to go through just to put food on the table.

Maybe I was being thankful for having almost everything a person will ever want or need.

Maybe I was just being gracious to God for providing everything without me asking.

Maybe I was just sad thinking that I would never get to be with the person whom I love and adore.

Maybe I was thinking 'bout my sis and bro-in-law in the faraway land huddled together in the chilling winter wind.

Maybe I was thinking 'bout my bro working under the hot sun in Australia.

Maybe I was thinking 'bout grandma who is in pain.

Maybe I was thinking back how nice it was to eat together as a happy family like during CNY.

Maybe I just missed everyone.

Maybe I was just being emotional as I am sick.

Maybe I was just being a paranoid.

Maybe I was missing someone in particular.


HAHAHAHAHAHAA!! I didn't cry. The curry fish that I cooked was extremely spicy... too spicy in fact. Those who were eating were all 'crying' away. Hahahahahaa....

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