Friday, February 06, 2009

Why Do I Feel So Bored??

I didn't hear the alarm clock. I don't need an alarm clock when I go to bed before 12 a.m. Bad habit of mine... woke up and switch on the computer. Click here and there then I brighten up when I see ELLEX TING online! Yippee!! Got people yak yak about everything under the sun with mua... hahahaha... Love you, pal! Without you in the morning, I think I 'seh koh' liao...

After yakking for a few hours but sometimes a few minutes only, I walked to the gym.. I have practically used most of the equipments...
Leg press / Calf raise
Leg curl
Leg extension
Hip abduction
Lat Pulldown
Pectoral Fly
Chest Press
Arm Curl
Fit Stride
Lifting weights
Spend a couple of hours there... yet I come home feeling BORED!!!
Then, I chopped, blended, minced, sliced, cut and clean... yeah.. in the kitchen.. my favourite place. I have mastered most of the culinary skills... I should just open a food stall di tepi jalan to kill time.
I remembered what I did last time. I always tell God it's killing me working around the clock and become the slave of money. I wanted more time for myself. I think God has answered my prayer. I get what I wanted... ample of time for myself. I used to have a few hours of free timeo on Fridays where I drove to MPH and just curled on the red cushion at the reading lounge and read my time away. *Sigh* Now, I'm too lazy to even get out of my room what more to drive all the way to Gurney.
I can't wait for Monday.. Thaipusam holiday. I'm working but I have shifted most of the classes to morning but keeping the night classes as usual. Keeping my afternoon free... going to catch a few movies... planning to do movie marathon if not I will just sit at Borders and continue reading the book that I have read halfway the other day.

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