Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Work >.<

Don't complain.. don't complain.. the cash is rolling in... I'M SLEEPY!! So dead sleepy.. Now, have to work for 10 hours straight.. oh.. don't fall asleep in the church.. Yay.. Ps. Cheng Kin preaching.. that surely won't fall asleep.. she has the ability to apply K.I.S.S --> Keep It Short & Simple

I didn't want to go home yet... I don't want to sleep then wake up and go work.. I want to enjoy a few more hours of Saturday.. Went to watch a movie..

The cinema was fully packed... three more seats left but scattered in three different places... There was one row of reserved seats.. well had to wait for another ten minutes before the reserved seats were open for selling. Grabbed the two seats that were available... nice movie but I can't wait to watch 'Love Matters'... a movie directed by Jack Neo.

ARGH!! Tomorrow have to wake up so early... it's a Sunday.. why did I put so many classes on Sundays?

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