Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai...

Happy Chinese New Year. I've lost much yet I've gained much, too. I know now that I have my sister who will stand by me no matter what. It's a deep lost but I shall leave it to God. I fully comprehend now the time for cooling off things and to see whether it is worth living for that something or not.

Time to pack my luggage. There are just too many things to get into one cabin bag. I'm not going to fly anywhere, just have to drive around from Penang to SP, making at least 4 trips in 4 different days. I will need all the sleep and relaxation to drive up and down the hour-long journey via the North-South Highway. This year, I will make things more lively. Last year was just eating and snapping at least 650++ photos.

This year, I have planned more things. I will bring my kite over. Bought Twister for everybody to twist their bodies into one heap of monstrous pile. I hope I don't hear any 'crack' sound. Then, of course I can't wait for my very own portrait photoshoot. I'm loving this. I'm truly blessed to receive next year's birthday present so early from sis and BIL. Oh, not to forget bringing over the badminton racquets and also my lappie and broadband. I think I'll want to do some accounts paperwork as well. I'm also not going to forget to bring my camera along. It will be great memory snapping photos.

Gonna visit the water theme park and have a splashing fun time but now I can't seem to find the time. I only have seven days there. Now, it seems like there's not enough days. I wish for a longer holiday.

After this one week break, I will be busy working for another two weeks then I declare my own holiday for another week as Pinky's flying in from China. Can't wait to see her... wow!

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