Wednesday, July 18, 2012

... and I Thank God For...

I have a million and one things to thank God for. Or should I say I have so many things to thank God for that some went unnoticed by my naked eyes. 

First of all, this morning, when I went to the market, I only had a few things to buy but in the end, I bought quite aplenty such as potatoes to make my perfectly yummy mashed potatoes, two pumpkins for Thursday's soup, some fresh spinach and they turned out to be one heavy load to carry. The lady at the market was so kind to offer her help to carry those two huge plastic bags to my car but sad to say, I told her that I walked to the market. Then, a lady who was much older than I am, offered to help me carry those stuff back home. How could I let her do that? Then, the lady manning the stall asked me to pass her my other stuff in hand, she packed everything and asked me to march along. As I was walking back home, I was about to cry. It wasn't like those 'Footsteps in the Sand' but it was equally the same as Jesus helping me to carry those stuff home as I was afraid I might hurt my back again carrying heavy loads. I thanked the young lady profusely. You see, it's those little things that others did for you that you will realize that you're well taken care of in every area. And I'm forever grateful to Him. And I walked home empty handed. I was touched beyond comprehension. 
I would like to thank God for giving me talent of sorts, for blessing me with hands that are able to do wonderful things to bless others. That was the third cake that I've baked. If you've seen the first cake, the white chocolate cake that was supposed to look toffee coloured, God made that while the cake was resting in the refrigerator. That's what my precious said and I couldn't deny that. Gracie's ice-cream cake, I was praying for the Holy Spirit to come work on it as the whole cake looked like it was gonna collapse anytime soon. But in the end, the crust of the cake was stronger than the Great Wall of China. This third one was done in a great hurry. I did the cake until 3:30 a.m. as I started at 12 a.m. That's the only free time I have and to me, it came out in perfection. The glaze turned out as how I wanted it to flow. But truth be told, after making two cakes in one week, both ending around 3:30a.m. I have to take a rest from baking. I enjoy my sleep and I usually float away to dreamland by 1a.m. or 2a.m. so no baking for the time being...
.... and I thank God for the food on the table. There's always food to feed the multitude and good food at that, filling to the brim. No doubt I spent a lot on food but I enjoy doing it. It's the self-satisfaction that I enjoy when I see everyone enjoying the good food on the table. It's pure joy to give than to receive. And there's not one day that any of us lack of food. Even if I have only a dollar left in the wallet, somehow or other, there will be food coming from someone. 
Now... that car gave me a near heart attack when it changed lane all of a sudden when I was zooming past him. He came out of his own lane without even the indication light. I slammed on the brake and the car came to an abrupt halt from 80km/h to complete 0 km/h. I was very angry with this kinda driver and he didn't even dare look me in the eye as his car was only 1 mm away from mine. He should have just waved an apologetic wave instead, he drove past me and as I honked him like a trumpeting elephant he even dared to show me that he was angry. His mistake to overtake me thus, the photo as shown as above. This kinda driver ought to be reexamined by JPJ. Getting out of the lane suddenly without switching on the indicator. I thanked God that He stopped the car in time. Two Saturdays ago, my car was parked neatly in one corner only to be banged by some idiotic driver until the boot could not be shut. I was very upset and furious because that was gonna cost a lot to repair and to change the bumper. Hubby sent the car to the workshop and in less than an hour, the car was back, with the boot neatly locked and the bumper whacked into perfection. It was as good as new and the foreman, who was a stranger to us, charged us nothing... nothing at all. Again, I thank God for everything that He has done. My God is able in every way.  

And while I was slowly filling the house with large pieces of furniture... I thank God that He is in control. My own plans went haywire. My initial plan was to fill up one room at a time and to keep the kitchen last. But now, all three rooms have mattresses, the beds are coming very very soon and we got the best deal from Jelutong Furniture Supermarket. Now, the kitchen is complete and I no longer know which piece of furniture is coming next. It comes when it comes. I'm no longer planning what to buy next, I play by ear. 

.... and I have so many things to thank God for.... mi familia, mi amigas, mi casa... I do have my ups and downs with God... but He's forever faithful... He will never leave me nor forsake me... thus are His promises... Yes and Amen~!

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