Friday, July 20, 2012

Beijing University? Tsinghua University?

I was browsing through my China trip's photos and I realized that I'm only going to start working on my memory in the 10th album. That's Xiao Mei, my new friend, showing me the spitting skill. Oh, boy do they have skills in spitting~! That morning in Beijing, we woke up early because the rounded tour guide said we would be headed to the Beijing University and Tsinghua University. Two renown universities in the country believed to have breed and bred really smart people. Pinky wasn't that excited to see the place and I was imagining how huge the place would be and how much would we be given to tour those two universities.
It was very misty and there was morning due covering the whole tour bus. That rounded tour guide was telling us to look on our left hand side, then on our right hand side but it's so hard to see anything so I quickly took out my tissue paper and started wiping the windows. The rest of them helped me by wiping their windows. In the end, I have quite a clear view thanks to everyone from the front to the back. 
Nice~! That's the morning sun slowly inching out from behind the hill. I was thinking to myself when were we gonna get down from the bus.
Look at that blurry photo~! That evil and conniving tour guide asked us to look to our right and introduced both the universities side-by-side~! My hope was dashed like the morning mist being evaporated into the heavy wintry morning. The bus zoomed off while the overweight tour guide blabbered on and on about the histories of those two universities. And the only thing that I wanted to do to him was to bash his face into orange pulp. Such a liar~! So until today I have no idea how does Beijing University look like and where is Tsinghua University actually. Was it before Beijing University or after or was it opposite the road. 

That would be the most horrible tour and it reminded me again and again never to join any tour group unless I'm the tour guide and I'm the one who arrange all trips. 

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