Monday, July 02, 2012

Temple of Heaven...

I'm far from done with the writing of my China trip. I did go to many places but I think it was only 0.01% of visiting the whole country. After we were dragged around at the Chinese medicated hall, we headed towards the Temple of Heaven. Now, that's the place I wanted to go as Uncle HH said it was a place worth going. And Pinky's grandfather was telling me about how wonderful and unique that temple was. Even grandma and Pinky's mom were telling us which part to go, which part to stay longer and which part was not worth spending time in. So, Pinky and I were thrilled after we were so disappointed with most of the places that was trying to cheat us of our money. Thank God we have no money :D
The person I dislike most and I wouldn't think twice about spitting in a person's face is James Loh. But this tour guide went a level above him. The whole group disliked him. Gosh... can you imagine what kinda disappointment he gave to all of us? He refused... let me repeat, HE REFUSED to buy the entrance tickets to the Temple of Heaven. Why? WHY? He said there was nothing inside... it was just a temple, nothing to see... oh, wow~! And he was doing his brisk walking around the perimeter of the temple asking us to peep into the temple through the high gates. 
That's the result of peeping. A few slabs of concrete. That was great, wasn't it? There was nothing outside the temple except for trees and more trees. Surprisingly those trees survived the winter. But it was getting unbearable. Let me tell you which part was the best in the temple if we were able to enter. 
Inside this dome, there's the echo wall where you can ask you friend to stand at one end while you speak into the concrete wall from another end. Your voice can be heard from the next end or someone else cupping their ears on the concrete wall can also hear you loud and clear unless there are too many people whispering into the wall. That would be the best place to spend our time at. 
What's that old man doing? He was using a broom dipped in a pail of water and he was copying the Chinese literature on the ground. After suffering from my slip disc, I can imagine how painful it's going to be bending down that way to write. Should have sponsored the old man a new broom with a longer stick. 
Wow~! That was amazing. Not bad, eh... The rich man in our group who was always giving us treats during meal time asked the uncle to write his name on the ground. The old man was willing to write his name until the rich and boastful man opened his mouth and said that he would pay him whatever sum of money because he did not like to be given free stuff. Oh... such an insult. I pity the rich man as he does not know the meaning of, "It is better to give than to receive". The old man certainly knows the meaning because he was ever willing to do it for free as long as he's happy and everyone's happy. 
It was so boring walking around and I found a public phone. Make some calls. Called back to my hubby and mi mama to complain about the horrible tour guide who was standing a few centimetres away from me. I DISLIKE HIM~! ALL OF US DISLIKE HIM~!

Oh, well a little bit of history regarding the Temple of Heaven. It was a place where the emperor visited while he was having problems that was too big for him to solve so he would come to this temple and wrote his problems down hopefully the heaven above would be able to receive the letter. It was something like that I think, but because he didn't know who this God is and he wasn't even a Christian, his religion was written as Shamanism, where the emperor worshiped the wrong master but he still recognized that there is a God up there in heaven, that's bigger than anything else. Too bad he didn't come to the true and living God. Do not quote me as I only write what I remember and what I noticed and what I can decipher out of everything.

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