Saturday, July 07, 2012

Gastronomic Decadence...

I learn a new phrase this morning from one of my FB friends. He was commenting on my baking album about how sinful the cupcakes and cakes were thus, it was gastronomically decaying to the stomach... I thought the food I made was morally decaying. Oh, I don't even know what gastronomic decadence means... and I shall not bother about such difficult phrase that might bore a hole in my head. 
I know I'm blessed when there is not even a second that I feel hungry. My stomach is always filled with food, good food, fantastic food. JoJo is on a strict diet where she only stuff herself with plants and fish. It's a good diet which helps her to bring down her weight so I suggested to hubby but it's just too impossible to go on a diet when I'm always preparing gastronomically decaying food... such as those Christmas-tree tall cupcakes. We had *slurp... nom nom nom...slurp* blueberry lemon cupcakes on Thursday. I made that in the middle of the night and slept around 3:30a.m. ... kitchen slave I'm not...
Then... and then... and then... There's sambal prawns... aaahhh... tasted like authentic Thai food... minestrone soup.... and chicken with red dates... ahhh.... a combination of English, Chinese and Thai cuisine all at one go... nice nice nice nice... I enjoy my own cooking... superbly nice... that lunch box is for Judz and mi mama... for not being around in my house.
... and I have durians... hubby brought back durians for me... village durians... not durians with fanciful names but they're just so delicious... and until know, I'm still so full. Praise the Lord for such heavenly delights. I'm wondering out loud: Those who are in my house always eat non-stop. They eat and eat and eat and burp and eat and burp until they can't move. Why har?

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