Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gracie's Birthday...

It was Gracie's birthday on the 12th of July, Thursday... the day we spend our mornings together so it was perfect timing. I decided to make Gracie a cake but after having such heavy white chocolate cheesecake for Wyn's birthday, I decided to make a different one. Gracie said cheesecake or ice cream cake also okay, since she has given me a choice to choose without realizing it, I chose ice cream cake. That would be my second cake for the month. I faced lots of stress just making the crust as it was too powdery fine and it wouldn't even stick to the wall. In the end, I freeze the whole crust for three nights because I have no time to do it after Monday. Then, when I started doing it, I have less stress because I have studied the recipe until the whole paper looked like it has been taking a swim in the washing machine. I have completely no idea how to decorate a cake and everything I see from Google, it looks like the cake decoration will take me years to finish. You will never know how hard I prayed while making the first cake and doing this. If the cake crumbles, it would be very disappointing. I decorated the cake around 3 a.m. and it took me longer than I expected. I was about to fall asleep in the kitchen when I decided that that's it. Let it be...
My Lord must have the thought that the design was hideous so He dropped me an idea. I woke up at 6:30a.m. with this idea in my head and it took me only a few minutes to do it. Wouldn't you agree that this was way better than the previous design? You might comment that the handwriting was horrible, but mind you, I write with a pen, mechanical pencil and marker pen, not with an icing tube. So, to me, it was done in perfection.... and yes, I'm a perfectionist. 
Gracie's day started accordingly with what we have planned albeit we changed a thing or two at the very last moment. Gracie was presented with the dummy birthday cake upon her arrival at mi casa. It was a marble cake but the taste wasn't as good as the ones that I've made earlier because my hands were so fast, I used the wrong method. I dumped the flour to be mixed with the butter instead of the butter being mixed until fluffy with sugar. Thus, the result wasn't as great as the previous ones. Gracie had to blow that spoof candle until the candles gave up on her and burnt themselves into ashes.
Judz brought along durians and I used all my leftover energy just to open one durian. The husk was just too thick but it was worth fighting for. The flesh was milky and sweet. Ahhh... just my type of durians. 
We treated Gracie to a dim sum breakfast after that. It was in Lip Sin, the Red Tea House and currently, this dim sum place, I have placed it as the number 1 dim sum house for the time being, followed by the other one in town, just downstairs my apartment block. The rest of the dim sum places are out of range. There were quite many people in the morning, on a weekday and I was wondering how come so many people need not work. I guess the others might have the same thought about us. We do have a job but there must always be balance in my life. There's a time for everything... or else life will just be like chasing after the wind. We were quite full with all the food mixed around in the stomach. If there's no lunch later on, I wouldn't mind sitting here for an hour or two and just keep those little platters coming. 
We went back as soon as possible because suddenly Juju has the need to deposit some gold ingots into my water cubicle (toilet bowl). I had to drive her car and made sure that I don't fly over the bumps on the road or else those gold ingots might be deposited into the wrong account. Juju is my cousin-in-law and it runs in the family where the inside of them are all full of shit. They're always looking for different water cubicles from the public ones to the private ones. I wonder how many accounts they must have had. If those gold ingots or bullions were real, they would have been the richest family in the whole universe. After Juju's depositing process completed, we proceed to the next agenda. We blind-folded the birthday girl and tied her hands with plastic bags so that she wouldn't touch here and there, we made her stand for almost an hour and we started dressing her up in toilet paper. Hey, we're artistic people and the toilet paper dress looked beautiful. Since we only used less than one roll of toilet paper, thus the dress looked like an apron.
I brought the real cake out of the freezer and the soft crust turned solid hard. If you would have thrown a piece of the crust to an innocent dog, the dog might have a concussion and need to be warded in the hospital. It was that hard, seriously until the cake was thawed for a few minutes, then it would soften. But looked like no one was interested with the crust. We ended up digging the ice cream with a spoon. 
I used 3 litres of ice cream to fill up the 10-inch spring tin. I miscalculated the amount of ice cream and I bought only 2 smalls boxes of 500ml ice cream then Judz came to my rescue with a 2-liter ice cream. Thanks Judz or the cake wouldn't look as grand anymore without your emergency ice cream supply. 
We were very blessed. Lunch was on the house... Yummy's Restaurant in Sungai Ara where we were treated with 6 different dishes. For that, I would write a food post on Yummy. As this is not a food blog, so whenever I recommend you any places of great worth to dine in, please go. Or else, I will only tell you that my kitchen is the best place to dine in. After all the relaxing and good time we've had, it came to an end :'( Suddenly I was in a big rush or I might be late for my class.  Juju was on leave so she went back to my place and dug the ice cream cake for the second time and she ended up in gym, guilty of all the food that she has taken... hahahhaha.... we went on a diet the next day.... Anyway... just wanted to say...

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