Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Other Side of Isle.... Balik Pulau...

Aaahhh... food is our passion and cooking is my greatest passion of all. As I enjoying having fantastically delicious food and I have very high standard and high expectations when I mention delicious food, thus the best way is to prepare them myself. I would like to write about Judith, Judith and Judith plus Gracie's Thursday morning outing. Fancy having a friend who took leave just to be around us, hoo-haaing away. Gracie mixed up the place to meet up as I have too many houses.... hahahaha... so Juju ended up having my lemon cupcakes freshly 'ting'ed out of the oven. I made the cupcakes more burnt up as they tasted more wonderful that way. It was the blueberry cheese cupcakes, these were the ones without toppings yet.
Juju was curious with my transformer dining table and insisted that I opened the table up to show her. We ended up talking from afar. It was a distant away but we just maintained the position as we were both too lazy to get up and close the table back to the original version. An hour has flew away and Judz and Gracie were not to be seen. We even went to the back and took a peep into the neighbour's house which was for sale and it has been 'FOR SALE' for more than a year, if I didn't hear it wrongly. We were suppose to go off for durian eating session at 8:30a.m. but we left around 10a.m.
Juju always brought us to mysterious places. This is the only outing where I have no idea where the place was. I roughly know how to go but there was no signboard of whatsoever and this farm looked like someone's home, a private property and she drove straight into the compound. There were durians there but they didn't seem too beautiful. There were parakeets in a big cage and a few types of birds that I've never seen in the bird park before. 
There were two ducks walking to somewhere. I don't know where the ducks went but they disappeared pretty soon. They were not bothered with us walking around as well. But the place was seriously very filthy with flies all around. The flies were everywhere. The place was quite big and there were a few unique stuff at the farm. 
Oh, unfertilized eggs left in small cubicles. The uncle at the farm said something about those eggs but I couldn't really understand except that they were unfertilized eggs. Then, we went further into the farm. 
There was this rooster with punk hairstyle. They bought it from Thailand. I wonder whether the rooster was meant to be a fighting cock.
And cat-bit. We called this a cat-bit because it looked like a cat but it was a rabbit. It looked like a mixture of both. What was that farm breeding? There were so many types of rabbits, some with long ears, some with short ears, one with hair like a hare, some of them very active, some of them totally inactive like it's dead. Not dead actually... just sleeping in a very odd position.
Then there's this chicken with tumour. That chicken.... hah... I don't know what to say about that chicken. It was crowing most of the time. Maybe it's the leader of the pack. Do you use pack as the collective noun for chickens? I'm too tired to Google for the correct term. 
... and that's one sexy chicken with hairs everywhere. Like it's wearing a shaggy leg jeans. It doesn't look like  feather... can you even eat this type of chicken?
... and that white chicken has a furry ass. Looks like a rabbit ass? It's chicken backside~!!!
We finally bought the durians. The durians were so expensive I didn't want them actually. It was so NOT worth it. It was cut-throat expensive as it was RM10 per kilo and for three small durians, it was already 4 kilos. And each of us only get to eat 4 ulas *I don't know what is ulas in English*....
Can you imagine how filthy the whole place is and was? There were so many flies that whenever we stopped moving for even less than a second, the whole drone of flies would come and rest on our fingers, hands and durians. The durians weren't any special. 
Then we had lemak laksa at Balik Pulau. It was from the usual stall where everybody goes. But the one in Jalan Tengah still tasted nicer. Me? Bias? No la... I'm not a fan of laksa but I can tell you which one tastes great when I tried one.
It was back to my place for Shepherd's pie with Judz' special chicken soup with more added ingredients like whipping cream and lots and lots of herbs. The whole tray finished... there were more trays during dinner time.
The gathering of cars at my house. Four person, four cars :D ... we are environmental friendly as well... we went car-pooling...

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