Friday, July 20, 2012

The Summer Palace...

This ain't good... ain't good at all... why so? Pinky, what's the temperature now? It was freaking cold and the wind was blowing. Where's the sun? We need the sun shine but the sun ain't helping as well. It was still very cold. We should have worn the whole luggage of clothes on our body. 
That was terrible... a negative 6 and we were asked to stand in the middle of nowhere. Why were we standing there like a bunch of numbskulls? Oh... the rich man who always treated us to extra food went to McDonald's to get him and his girlfriend two cups of hot coffee as they did not enjoy their breakfast. Remind us of our breakfast... Pinky and I didn't take any and it has been five days since we had a really good and decent meal. I miss Gardenia and Massimo bread. 
We were both so cold that we had to huddle together but it was still so cold. The rich man returned a quarter of an hour later. That was really a long wait. The tour guide wouldn't even wait for both of us for less than a minute. What a mean person he was. 
The Summer Palace and we were here during the winter season. I heard that the empress would stay in the summer palace during summer as the place was surrounded by the man-made huge lake to ease the discomfort from the dry heat during summer. If I was not mistaken, the summer palace was four times larger than the Forbidden City or was it four times smaller than the Forbidden City? I wasn't paying much attention to the facts as I was more engrossed in photo taking. 
Oh, just look at that frozen river. Of course I've never seen one in real life so this was the moment that I wouldn't mind standing there in the cold just staring at the frozen river. 
Oh... more ice... I LOVE IT~! And what was the tour guide hurrying us for? Has he no cow sense that I will never be able to catch this moment again? I stopped bothering about the tour guide hurrying us. We were left far far behind and I wouldn't be bothered. Let's enjoy the scenery... I know it's summer now and it's hot and stuffy but let's just enjoy the coolness of winter for a moment.

I miss winter~!! I miss Pinky~!!! Planning to visit Pinky soon~! After we were done snapping all those photos, it dawned on us that we were left behind so we started running to God knows where. We ran straight ahead because that's the only way to go. 
Finally, we met them somewhere in the palace. The tour guide started to crap about the history of the whole place and his Chinese was so deep when I only have Chinese understanding as shallow as the water in the toilet bowl. I ended up taking photos at the back. And I had a great time doing so...
I have my name whipped out with a broom dipped in a pail of water on the ground. Ahhh... if only my name would stay there forever. 
We were given time to walk around the palace but looks like the tour guide will never understand the plight of a tourist from a hot country. The only thing I want to see more than anything else is the frozen lake and the frozen river. Couldn't he understand that? I have no interest in looking at the temple ground. Pinky and I sat there like two great big stones, not moving anywhere as there wasn't any place to go to and we were cold. See how unfair the tour guide was? He wouldn't even let me spend my own sweet time taking photos of the frozen lake and now he's giving us so much free time to loiter around the summer palace which looked almost like the buildings in the Forbidden City. The structure was so much alike. Rooms and more rooms. Antiques and more antiques. Pinky kept on telling me we would go to Beijing on our own next time because we have the map with us and purchasing our own entrance tickets are cheaper during the winter.

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