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Day 7: Aboriginal Village Park, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village...

~ 20th March 2014~
I'm really glad that I've finally come to almost the end of day 7. I have to seriously finish all the photos before the next trip. Maybe I should learn to take less photos... but I'm 99.99% sure that wouldn't happen. Let's take a quick walk around the Aboriginal Village Park. It's huge. We couldn't feel our legs after that. The pedometer showed that we have reached 20 000 steps for the day and our day didn't just end there. We still have a long walk to finish and other places to visit.
If you've visited Sarawak Cultural Village with the different houses for different tribes of people, then you could imagine how this place looked like. Of course, the longhouses that housed the different tribes in Sarawak looked more grandiose compared to the tribal houses of those in Taiwan.
That's not a pigeon hole, neither was it a postbox. A bird house of such would be nice to have in the middle of my small garden. That's actually a chicken coop. The different tribes mainly the Tsou and Thao or Ami, they have really weird tribal houses. The houses which looked like chicken coop or pig sty were actually for the humans to live in. The ones you thought ought to be for humans were actually for their animals. They must have taken good care of their farm animals as that's their livelihood and their rice bowls depended on those farm animals.
That old man was carving out a tribal drum. There were many activities that you could take part in but you need to pay accordingly. We were not rich enough to participate in anything. We were really tired from all the walking and looking at the site map, we were still very far away from the exit point.
Archery. Couldn't remember how much it was and for how many arrows. I couldn't aim properly. Never learn the proper techniques to do so. Don't fancy trying it out as well. But I think as you grow older, the things you like took a 180-degree turn. You know what I enjoy doing?
Koi watching~! I found this really fascinating when we were in Guangzhou feeding those koi fishes. Blame it on my international travel buddy for introducing this kinda activity to me. You buy a packet of fish food and start feeding them. The fish would actually slide on each other's body and they would follow you around the pond. You could easily get the whole school of fish to follow you around. That's really enjoyable to do. Easier than rounding the sheep into a pen. The bright orange on their bodies look really attractive.
Along the stone walkway, you would see the marble carvings from various artistes. The marble carvings depict the livelihood of the tribal people. They hunted for food. They did farming. They did a whole lot of things that the urban people now had no idea how to do. What's that man doing under the tree? He must have problems of his own which he couldn't solve thus, he ended up being very emotional at the foot of the tree. Or was he just resting? There's not much to read so use your own imagination. Let your imagination run wild.
I find this rather amusing. Taking a bath with their pet pig? Piggy must be very loved or was that piggy's last bath before being sacrificed for porky meat?
You heard that advertisement with the song 'Naruwan' on television or in the Internet? I watched before but I never thought I would be going to Taiwan one day. I have lots of unexpected events in my life so couldn't do much planning. It just happened. We didn't get a seat because we have a phobia looking at a large crowd. It wasn't that bad yet until we reached the southern part of Taiwan. We got really afraid looking at big crowd. The tribal dance should be really entertaining but well, we just didn't bother to sit down and watch.
Oh, I stumbled upon a tribe with my name on it. That should be my tribe then? I have so many photos of this place but I only remembered how tiring it was to walk around. Not such a bad place after all but I still prefer the European Garden. I would enjoy the Amusement Isle rides if I don't have so many baggage sling around me. And I will need a lot of energy to scream my head off in those many rides. But I don't think my heart would allow that. 
Goodbye~! Very tired... need to take the ropeway back down... Need food.... Need to rest the feet but need to take more photos. Need to walk around other places. Still not done. By the way, we started walking around the park from the wrong way. One should actually start from this Aboriginal Village Park, followed by the Amusement Isle and the last and most relaxing one would be the European Garden. We did the round-island Taiwan Tour the wrong way, too. Most people would start travelling clockwise starting from Taipei, but we started on the anti-clockwise direction. Yeah, we never follow anyone. You could follow our ways or you could follow majority.

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