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♡ Penang Island ♡ Kedai Kopi Victoria ❀


Penang Island seems to have cafes of sorts mushrooming around. Whether the place will be long-lasting or not, it's hard to tell. Cafe hoppers might just go for the sake of letting people know that they've been doing and that's it. A photo tells a thousand words. If I'm to say that I LOVE TO DRINK COFFEE, my friends who know me well and are reading this will know that I just told the biggest lie. If I say I love the smell of coffee, that's another lie. And if I am to say that I enjoy sitting at a cafe doing nothing, wasting my hours, I think I need to shut up and stop talking or I will come out with a string of never ending lies.
Kedai Kopi Victoria with their special caged seats....
As I've planned to tour Penang around the heritage area and beyond, I'm just gonna show you what I've stumbled upon. Victoria Street used to be a street where I go and collect my parcel from Poslaju. Then, I went to pay my Indah Water Konsortium bill. A few years back, we were there at China House. Opposite China House seems to be a vacant lot and I remembered that we took a photo there. Now, that vacant lot is no longer vacant for a couple of years. But I'm not very sure of that. I'm always at home. You see those wired-cages? We walked back and forth and we were wondering what on earth were those cages with big holes for? The heart of the city has such huge rats to be caught? We were not aware of the word 'Vcafe' at that point of time. 
Then, as we walked nearer, we finally saw that chalkboard signage. Pardon our ignorance. We're three people from the outskirt walking around town area. Only mi mama drinks coffee so mi mama went in for a cuppa. It was my Sunday off-work. Someone just called me to ask me to work on a Sunday. I almost bomb-blasted that person. Back to the story of Kedai Kopi Victoria. I did take the photos of the interior but I feel that you will need to experience the place yourself. Only then it will be fair, right? I walked out of my house under the hot afternoon sun to explore the backyard of my hometown, you should do that, too. 
Have a cuppa~!
To all coffee lovers, coffee seekers, coffee addicts, cafe hoppers, do make a stop at Kedai Kopi Victoria right opposite China House. If you don't know where both of those places are, go find Victoria Street. You can walk along the street from the beginning to the end. So, what do people like me who do not know how to appreciate a good cuppa do in a cafe? I can't even stand the smell of the coffee beans brewing. 
Kedai Kopi Victoria's best omelette in town~!
I asked to be served with the best omelette in town. If you really know how to eat, you will know that the simplest kind of food is the hardest to make. I can survive on eggs and bread for days and days. Even the best soft-boiled eggs need polished skills and a piece of toast is not that easy to make either. The rating of 1 out of 10, I would give Kedai Kopi Victoria a 9 mark. No perfection of a 10 as that 1 left is for room for improvement. A 10 will make the omelette fall off its mark so have to give it room for some mistakes sometimes. You can't expect a good cook to perform at 100% at its best as everyone is a human with emotions. You understand that? So, please don't scream and yell at the chefs whom you expect to serve you only the best. You do not know what happen in their lives and to say that one should leave emotions completely out of working lives, it's a no-no in cooking. Cooking without emotion is very dangerous. The food will taste like it's undergoing a diplomatic conference, dry and bland.
A beautiful food photo might be rather deceiving. A food photo may look beautiful but a photo is never able to capture the taste and the smell of food. Again, I encourage you to drop a visit at Kedai Kopi Victoria. You want the full address?
Kedai Kopi Victoria (Vcafe)
No. 164 A-B, Lebuh Victoria
Georgetown, 10300 Penang.
Say what? You are afraid it might not open when you're there? You need to book the whole place for an event? I give you the number of the man in charge there, okay? You can call straight and maybe ask for directions so you can reach right there at the doorstep :D You call for this this person at this number:
[+6]012-2845883 (Mr. Bryan)
There are other yummies on the menu that you can go and try it out. I can't be telling you everything is nice and delicious when I've not tasted them. The reason you visit Penang Island is to have a gastronomic food experience. 
Again, I don't do food blog. Any cafes or restaurants that ended up here it's because they have done very well or otherwise.
Kedai Kopi Victoria has done a brilliant job with that omelette. It's not just any ordinary omelette. That omelette was very pregnant with all the creaminess you can ever imagine. I'm a picky eater and very hard to please. I'm very pleased with that one. Keep up the good work~! 

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