Wednesday, December 17, 2014

♡ Penang Island ♡ Watoto Children's Choir ❀

They are here. Right here at our doorstep~! Many churches have invited them to perform and even Penang Island hosted them for the state Christmas event held at Fort Cornwallis. A throng of 3000 caught these children performing and they had to brave the heavy traffic and the lack of parking space yet they were there.
A few churches around the island has invited them. Some churches require tickets for entrance or else the rented ballroom of the hotel would explode, seats wouldn't be enough yet, some of you who have gotten the tickets wasted the tickets away just because of the rain. They are performing today, 17th December 2014, Wednesday at Vistana Hotel and I know it's raining cats and dogs and you're about to change your mind about going as you wouldn't want to drive in the rain. Come on, you don't get wet in the shelter of your steel car unless your car is made of tissue paper or baby wipes? And even if you park outside the hotel compound, you won't melt in the rain. Go and be blessed~! You've been living in your comfort and it's time to see what Jesus has been doing in the lives of these little children. You'll be humbled by a thousand fold by what these children have gone through yet by the look of their smiling faces, you know how much they have tasted the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Come on, get yourself dressed and start driving. Caught in the jam or not, it's better late than never. Don't waste that ticket you're holding. That ticket is FREE and by going, it will FREE you from many other things holding you back in your life.
The children from Watoto have performed in the Buckingham Palace and the White House. If the President and the Queen wanted to see them perform, why don't you want to see them perform, too? It's not just because they are children but it's really something you should watch with your own eyes and feel with your heart. I have all the video clips but I'm not going to post them up until they leave this Malaysian soil. While they're here in the island, you go after them. If you're not from this island, you can catch them in other states that they will be heading towards after they are done blessing this island. They will be in Malaysia until the end of January 2015.
If you ever have that desire to help African children, now is your time to do so. You can donate your wealth to them to build an entire nation. Why are you keeping all your money under the pillow? Your dollar bills will be eaten by those silverworms. Keeping so much in the bank won't do you any good as well. What if you collapse today and never wake up and you haven't make your will, none of your family members will get to your tightly secured wealth. Give generously and you will reap generously. You won't be poorer by giving to them, trust me on that unless you want a piece of something for yourself. When you give, you don't hold a mock cheque and wait to appear on the newspaper to let the whole world know that you've given. Do it quietly. God knows that you have been helping Him to feed his young sheep.

I'm not going to put their account number for you to pump in money or else you might think all the wealth will come to me instead. Check out their website at if you need to read the details in the Chinese Language. The office in Asia is based in Hong Kong. Or just go to  Better still if you don't believe any of the websites thinking that it's scam since there are so many nowadays, fly straight to Uganda to see with your own eyes. God bless~!

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