Saturday, December 27, 2014

♡ Penang Island ♡ Chicken Rice & Char Koay Teow ❀

Mr. Chan's chicken rice...
Hohoho~! So, what to eat for a simple lunch? The answer would be a plate of roasted chicken rice. I still prefer the white boiled chicken compared to the roast chicken. Again, if you're in Penang and you're on a food tour, you don't simply walk around aimlessly and walk into any Tom, Dick & Harry coffee shop. You see roast chicken hanging doesn't mean all of them are delicious. The best one in town according to me would be Mr. Chan's chicken rice along Datuk Keramat Road. 

He's not just any ordinary hawker who sells chicken rice only. He still goes to Penang Bowl for bowling sessions. If not mistaken, he used to train people up for bowling. My bowling skills come from him with strikes~! I'm a fast learner so I needed only one lesson. He does ballroom dancing and are very much into all sorts of dances. How I know? Oh, you just need to take time to know people.
You can add hard-boiled egg on your plate of rice. I have never added hard-boiled egg so I don't know how much would it cost. I'm not saying only this place has the best chicken rice to offer. If you're in Taman Pekaka area, the roasted chicken rice and roasted duck rice are highly recommended as well. The coffee shop can be found opposite Tesco Extra but this one is a recommendation for town area, if you happen to be there. It's further out from the Heritage Zone but you can easily just take the Rapid buses heading towards Penang Hill or Kek Lok Si Temple.
A delicious plate of chicken rice highly recommended by me. I love chicken skin.. hahhaha.... unhealthy? Oh, you can add 'char saw'... honey roasted pork to your rice.
That's for me alone. Sometimes good food are not meant to be shared. You need to get your own plate of good food. Have you seen people sharing a plate of char koay teow? No, right? You only share if you doubt about the quality of the food. If it's really good, after sharing a mouthful or two, you would stand up and get your own plate.
The 'chai boey' soup is for free. Chai boey has everything thrown into the stockpot.  I don't drink this. My kitchen used to make this and my kitchen crew love them. They are teenagers who came from the wrong generation. My kitchen crew seemed to eat things that I don't dare to eat at all.
So, that's all for me. I pushed that soup to hubby after snapping this piece of photo. I gave a few pieces of the honey roasted pork to hubby then the rest, he could only see but cannot touch.
Char koay teow....
You smell that? You smell that? Ahhh.... I know you're salivating all over. That's Ah Leng char koay teow. I don't have much to tell you about char koay teow but if you have read about Ah Leng char koay teow, you will easily find the chicken rice I'm talking about. They are just next to each other. Ah Leng would fry faster as he didn't fry plate-by-plate. He fried by bulk. I don't fancy char koay teow, Chinese style. I only like the Malay style wet char koay teow in Bayan Baru.
Uncle, thank you for allowing me to snap your photos. Some hawkers are really weird, they refused to let themselves be photographed. Uncle, famous leh... whole world can know you by now just by selling char koay teow.
Come to Penang, don't always look for expensive air-conditioned restaurants. Not all restaurant food is good. Always look for stalls which looked like it's almost going to collapse. I should show you a mamak selling the best mee goreng where his ladle was so worn out I think everyone is eating metal powder mixed together with the mee goreng but the mee goreng was so delicious, I don't mind licking from the ladle and the thick layer of stain on the wok. Okay... I sound pretty disgusting by now. 

Oh, ya... these two stalls can be found at Tong Hooi coffeeshop. Just next to Federal Place. Use Google map la.. confirm can find.

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