Sunday, December 28, 2014

♡ Penang Island ♡ Wan Than Mee with a Twist ❀

Fried wan than noodles...
Wan Than Mee is either served dry or soupy. I always have the dry ones with those little brains meat dumplings served in a small plastic bowl of anchovy soup. I have eaten Wan Than Mee my whole life. It's very difficult to satisfy my taste as I like the ones I had when I was young. There were two stalls at my flats there. The one in the morning was really good but recently when I tasted it, the taste has gone way out. Uncle, what happen to you? The one that's selling at night, went on to change job. The night one was really good. But now, I found a really good one near my new house, within walking distance. This uncle is new to this place but he was nice to me and said he would serve me differently. It's FRIED wan than mee. Of course it tasted like wan than mee but the fried version seemed to be better than the traditional version of 'tok tok mee'. I might want to go back to the traditional ones as I don't like sudden changes to the food I've tasted since I was small.
Fried prawn noodles...
The same uncle is selling fried prawn noodles. Too much bean sprouts. Next time if I want this I will have to tell the uncle I don't want bean sprouts. Uncle said the fried prawn noodles is one of the common hawker food sold in Singapore's hawker centres. I wasn't very sure about that because when I was in Singapore I only went to the hawker centre once or twice. The rest of my meals were done in restaurants and hotels. Blessed me.
This stall is at Yi Hong coffeeshop. There's a wet market at the coffeeshop, too and there's another old market across the road.

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