Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 7: Sun Moon Lake, Shuishe Harbour...

~ 20th March 2014 ~
Fancy looking at this photo with all the tourist destination. We never made it to any one of them listed. Our taxi driver dropped us right at our homestay's doorstep. We were allowed to check-in before the allocated time or else we would just drop our luggage and disappear into the lake. We're staying at the Shuishe side of the lake but I don't know where's Shuishe Visitor Center. The place that we're staying was just a stone's throw away from the harbour.
Shuishe Harbour...
That's the harbour. It's not as big as those photos posted at the tourism website. There were lots of ferries plying the waterway. I think my international travel buddy bought all the tickets either from the homestay as it's cheaper that way or she might have gotten them online. I'm not sure 'bout that.
Shuishe Harbour...
The ferry was about to leave but the term 'about to leave' was quite a wait. I had much time to snap photos but somehow or other, the sky was overexposed. Didn't get to take nice photos of Pinky at the harbour as she was down in the dumps at that point of time due to some unforeseen circumstances which we prayed over it. And God answered our prayer a few days after that~!
Busy with the phones~!
While she was busy fidgeting with her phone and mi mama was also busy with her phone dunno checking what, I was busy with my camera. That's what any 'sane' tourists would do... hehehhee.... not much to capture though because we were not really in the mood. But I have to salute my travel buddy because before we reached another end of the lake, she was in a good mood already. She must have drown her troubles all into that lake.
See you soon Shuishe harbour~!
That's saying goodbye to Shuishe Harbour until late that evening when we were brought back to the same place. If we missed the last ferry back to Shuishe Harbour, I don't know how to go back there. I think I would cry until the lake turn into an ocean. Maybe I swim back or hijack a ferry. As if  I know how to operate one. Good reminder: Learn how to handle a ferry or speedboat.
Hello to Ita Thao...
We're heading towards Ita Thao, a place named after one of the aboriginal tribes in Taiwan. The spectacular sight of those mountains, the layers and layers of them. I could stare into those for hours and not do anything. The whole of Taiwan is really for tourists. If I'm born and bred there I think I wouldn't be bothered to even take a glance of the beautiful scenery. Just like how I neglected my own beautiful island. I'm about to abandon my plan to tour around the island due to the hot and humid weather. So, I travel back in time and relax my eyes with all the beautiful photos that I have in my collection.

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