Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Day 7: Granny's Golden Basin Mushroom Herbal Egg...

 ~ 20th March 2014 ~
I know the name is pretty long. There doesn't seem to be any name for the pier. The place is in fact well known for a granny who's selling herbal eggs brewed with mushroom. To me, they're just some herbal eggs. So many people from mainland were pushing here and there just to buy the herbal eggs. Aunties~!!!! *referee whistle* Queue up like Singaporeans~!!!! One aunty used her extremely huge bag to whack my travel buddy. Some of them elbowed each other. Such a terrible way which I quickly put a distance between myself and them. Thus, no photos of the brewing herbal eggs in a large pot or I might drop my whole camera into the pot while trying to take a clear picture of the floating eggs. Oh, if you've never seen herbal eggs, come over to Penang Island, we have them everywhere with no one pushing or elbowing to get to those eggs. As if the eggs would turn into chicks and fly away.
This stop must be one of the eight scenic spots not to be missed. The number of humans were really scaring us. Humanphobia I call whatever that's growing in us. It's just really scary to see so many people. They are EVERYWHERE~! Thank God they didn't bring their spitting habit along or else the whole island would sink under their saliva.
Actually, the main attraction for the place wasn't Granny's Golden Basin Mushroom Herbal Egg but the temple. There's a temple 170m from where we were standing. Since we didn't have much strength to walk up those stairs, we walked up a few flight of steps and then turned around and snapped a photo. Didn't the photo look like we've just walk down? What a brilliant idea right? There's this traditional dance by one of the tribes in Taiwan. A few tourists joined their dance but we were walking away from the crowd instead of following their Red Indian dances.
That's the travel buddy who has heard about the herbal eggs. Girl, where that granny's golden basin? I didn't see any golden basin being used.
So many people were walking along the jetty. We went to where we're suppose to wait for our water ride to go back to Shuishe Harbour. Just let us not miss the last ride that we were going to take. Our boat sure took a long time to come back for us. We had so much time to waste. So, we continue what we were doing at the Ita Thao pier.
We have turned ourselves into upside down tortoises at Ita Thao pier but over here, the wait was so long that we didn't know what else to do. If the lake water was crystal clear, I wouldn't mind jumping in and taking a dip. We were just playing with our limbs. There's nothing else to play unless we took one of the boats for a joy ride. There's this other group of tourists who walked passed us like we were invisible. Good enough that they didn't step on us. Were they talking about us two crazy people on the jetty? Nah.... we couldn't care less about what others would say about us. If we need to analyze what everybody has to say regarding us before we do something, we will end up not doing anything fun at all. It is fun lying on your back and looking at the scenery.
Yeah, that sun which never seem to set. When are you gonna set? I didn't get to tick off sunset from my bucket list.
When we were bored lying down, we got back up and did some stretching. Then, we continued snapping photos. It's a real waste of time but we had nowhere else to go. Then, it's back to staring into the sun which refused to set~! Well, if you have come across other travel experienced that said there's nothing interesting to do in Sun Moon Lake, that's partly true. You need to find your own entertainment like how we did it~! Or else you better stay at home and not go anywhere~! 

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