Friday, January 09, 2015

Day 8: Husband & Wife Tree [夫妻樹]

~ 21st March 2014 ~
Oh, no~! It began to drizzle. I thought it was the mist but it was really drizzling. That's no good because if the rain became heavy, the jungle trail tour would be cancelled. I know it's for our own safety but it would be a terrible thing to happen right? Let's focus on the good. It was just a drizzle and it would stop eventually. 
You know why you don't need to travel with tour agencies in Taiwan? It's because they have tour buses which you could engaged upon your arrival in Taiwan. Not everything that was planned back at home came into pass. After some priceless experiences of travelling, I would advice that you make rough plans, at least you know where you want to go and what you want to see, and when you arrived at that country, grab every map you could put your hands on from the airport. It's totally free. Then, from there you can hire guides for a particular area. Sometimes you need local transport badly. Not everywhere is within walking distance. At first I thought we were doing this backpacking style and we're travelling cheap but I just found out that actually we're travelling the rich way's style. We hardly take any public buses instead, we kept hopping into taxis to save time and save energy. 

The mini bus was excellent after all. The bus stopped at every scenic area that needed to be seen. It didn't just drive straight and maybe use a recorded device to explain to you where you were and whizzed off. So unlike in mainland China where the tour guide just mentioned the places you're looking at on your left and your right and refused to even let you hop down the bus to take a photo. That't the most horrible tour anyone could ever have. That's the very reason we refused to follow any tour groups. We would rather hire a driver to take us around. 

On the way up to Alishan, you will need to use Yushan Scenic Highway unless you're coming from somewhere else instead of from Shuishe, Sun Moon Lake. The first stop was that amazing Dream Works of the Mei. Then, the next stop was at this two dead cypress trees which were believed to be more than a thousand years old. Both the dead cypress trees were still standing tall after witnessing the biggest forest fire in 1963. So, we got down when the driver asked us to get down. It was a quick stop which I appreciate very much. Thank you, mini bus~!
I've read that this would be a good spot for sunset. But fate hope, it's so foggy no chance of seeing any colours of the sky. Oh, of course we had the obligatory photography session of human together with dead trees :D
After taking a few photos, we boarded our mini bus and waited for the next surprise stop. Cool, right? Very well done, Taiwan Tourism~!

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