Thursday, January 22, 2015

What Do I Want For My Birthday?

I'm in the writing mode now, so why not just continue writing it here? I have to write so many essays every week, probably I can produce a book of model essays. I take my writing here instead. My 31st birthday is just around the corner. 5 days to be exact. I'm not even counting it down. I feel so old.
Mi mama asked what I want for my birthday. My precious asked the same. The hubby is also asking the same thing. The friends don't ask. We eat to celebrate. So I've been thinking hard on that question. What do I want for my birthday? 
I search in my mind and I find nothing that I want. I seriously have everything. I don't go hungry. I have a car to drive around. Even if the petrol price goes down and petrol stations decide to stop selling, I have a bicycle to ride on. If not, I have my legs to walk around with. I have good food on the table I just have to slave through in the kitchen but I am completely satisfied. I have more than one house as shelter over my head. Whether I have my name on the house, I guess it doesn't matter looking at the situation now, I prefer going to my mansion which has been prepared for me up in heaven. I have hubby after working hours no doubt we don't have much time to talk now. We're both so tired after a long day of squeezing our brain power, I just want to sleep. I have mi mama who makes really wonderful jellies for my jelly cravings and mi mama can bake and mi mama is no longer working, so anytime we can go out together but again, I have no time to go out and we don't like the scorching burning sun in the afternoon. We watch our one hour Singapore movie on weekdays so that the television will not grow mould on it. We have good health. Good health equals to everything.
I'm so tired everyday. I feel like collapsing on the bed by 8pm. It's definitely good to have less. Working long hours kills. It just kills off the joy in everything. I don't mind earning less now. The only thing I want to see now is sunrise. I have yet to accomplish that. I don't even know whether I want the customary birthday cake or not. I have so many in the previous years. You know when you have something in abundance, you don't miss it anymore. My kitchen crew wanted to bake for me because I bake for them on their birthdays, but I don't want it anymore. It's just so lame. The shaggy dog birthday cake, I had two in two years. When I didn't have it, I wanted it badly. Last year I wished my friends would take me to E&O for a buffet treat, but that didn't happen. I got really upset. This year, they wanted to take me there but I don't want it anymore. After going to Rasa Sayang for their so-called 6-in-1 International buffet for free, I looked at what they have compared to what I have in my kitchen for parties, I think my kitchen can produce better quality food. Thus, I have no love for buffet anymore. If I want lobster, I know where to get them from. I want crabs, no problem. Hotel food doesn't mean it's good. Some really good, but some just.... below average.
Not only cookies.... so it has been set that I'll go for Japanese cuisine for lunch and then Chinese cuisine for dinner this Sunday. I wanted a day off on my birthday but I will not know what to do being so free. If I sleep the whole day, it's like wasting time. The school is teaching so fast and we're running out of breath running ahead by a few steps. The hubby will be in school until late in the afternoon. The house will be void of humans. I do not have any place that I want to go except to roll on my bed in my comfortable caftan. 

This year will be more horrid than last year. While everyone says that 2015 will have better things in store, well.. it definitely has but something greater will happen according to God's timetable, no longer ours. Men can do all the planning. I stop planning my life, not like I carry out my plans. I will just go with the flow. My camels are coming :D 

I have three more essays to write for this week but I think I will put it off for now. I want to be the kitchen slave now to feed my growling stomach.

I have this song playing in my head all day long... I guess this is the only thing I need...

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