Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 8: Tataka Visitor Centre...

~ 21st March 2014 ~
The next stop was suppose to be a toilet break. No? I don't really remember this part. The place sounded very 'Japanese'. 
This one I remembered. It was really cold. The temperature has dropped to around 11-degree Celsius. Compared to Taipei which was around 26-degree. I welcomed this coolness but the mistiness and drizzle were no good.
I think this was the place where mountaineers can start their hike. This is no usual hike as this is hiking up a mountain. It's Jade Mountain, the tallest mountain in Taiwan and some said in East Asia. In order to hike up there, you will need to apply for a permit seven days prior to your hiking day. That much information I can give you. Apply for the permit online. Mountaineers catch sunrise at the peak of the mountain. The sunrise in Taiwan is around 5:30a,m, so I have no idea what time you should start hiking. Maybe you should just stay at the lodge for a night before catching the sunrise. We're not hikers so we had no idea what this place was for. Other than toilet break, we did some other stuff, too.
There's quite a lot to capture inside the building. For example, that grizzly bear. I have no idea whether it's telling you that you might have a bear-encounter while mountain climbing or the tribal people of the mountain has the ability to tame a bear.
How do you withstand the freezing cold up in the mountain living in a bamboo hut? I think this is the part where my travel buddy went missing. After our toilet break, we loitered around the area searching for her high and low. She explored the upstairs of the building without us~! and she said there were so many things to see. Well, we didn't have the chance to walk through the whole place. We needed to get to our mini bus or else it might decide to leave us behind.
Oh, you can see these macaques all over the place. This might be a reminder that you'll see them so you should be careful with your belongings. Macaques are cousins to monkeys, I think that's the best I can explain what are they. The monkeys in Penang would rob you of everything including your mobile phone so these Taiwanese macaques would do the same. I've yet to meet the macaque.
Oh, you might meet the deer as well. Again, none of us met them deer. We met them in the zoo. Touched one before. I have touched quite a number of animals but I really want to hug a koala and panda. Maybe one day... one day...

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