Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Day 7: Tanxiang Resort Hotel, Shuishe, Sun Moon Lake...

 ~ 20th March 2014 ~
Just one piece of the building. I wonder why I didn't take a clear picture in the morning. That's where we stayed. I have no idea what's the name of the place that we're staying until the next morning. And I don't know why I didn't bother to snap a photo of how our breakfast set looked like. It shouldn't be that bad, huh? I don't know whether to call this place a motel or a homestay. It definitely looked like a motel to me with the fruit stall right smack in front of the entrance during the daytime. How come we didn't buy any fruits since we love fruits so much? Oh, we're trying to save our cash so that we could last longer feeling rich.
The room was quite spacious. As long as we could dump our things around then it's spacious. No matter how big the space is, just the two of us would cover every surface area with our stuff. We're that good. Absolutely great~! Actually, it's a very simple room but with the addition of those two red heart-shaped pillows, the ambiance in the room just changed. And that red piece of cloth, I know a table runner, but do you call that red piece of cloth a mattress runner? What's that called? And why need to put that? I know it looks really high class but I will never use that in the house. That piece of cloth will be kicked to God knows where the next morning. So, we had some fun time laughing out loud in the room while getting ready to look for dinner. Once we're in the room, it's very hard for us to get out.
That's one cute little bath tub where you couldn't even stretch yourself. I should have taken a picture of the biggest piece of window which is not facing outside, we have no view of the outside world in this room, but the window is facing the bathroom itself. Yeah, you can peep at whoever's doing their business in the bathroom. The crazy travel buddy enjoyed knocking and scaring you out of your wits while you're having a relaxing time on the shitting bowl. Then, while she was pooping away, bombing the toilet with her stink bomb, she was actually browsing through the website looking for homestay in other counties. Great right? I left her in Melbourne to do her homework of booking all our homestays yet she was doing it in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet bowl and telling me how beautiful the minsu in Hualien and Jiufen were. She saved me the page for me to view but sad to say, we didn't get that minsu. It must be damn expensive that none of us could afford. Oh, yeah... so that's how efficient she is. Even in the toilet, she get things done other than clearing her bowel.
We were slow to get up the next day. Then we saw this piece of thing on our sideboard. I was wide awake reading it as it's written in English. Something entertaining rather than looking at those Chinese curves and slurred dots every day. This place that we're staying in is a resort hotel. So, where's the view? A resort? Oh, wow~! I thought Taiwanese do their business in a transparent matter. But to call that a resort? And look at the price for triple room, 1 big bed and 1 small bed it's NT$7280 which was cut-throat expensive. Our stay was less than half of that amount thanks to Pinky who booked through a Chinese website. So, seriously, in Taiwan or China, they will slice your pocket if you're English-speaking. Hey, English-speaking people do not grow money all over their body. Well, I'll have to see this as a form of respect. Speak English = Wealthy. So, we're wealthy people. Hahahhahaha

And you get a free 'wife' just by giving the username and password. So easy to get a wife~!!!! That really woke me up. Laughter is the best medicine~!!!

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