Thursday, July 09, 2015

Day 11: Southern Most Point in Taiwan...

~ 24th March 2014~
We were so excited to know that we were at the southern most point of the island. A 500m walk was quite short enough. There were many dead corals along the way in.
That was really huge. Was that just a rock going through the weathering process or was that really an old coral being lifted up during the quake? Couldn't remember what our driver told us. Our driver was kind quiet and I just wished my understanding in Chinese wasn't that poor.
That's the southern most point, yeah, pointing southwards. I don't really know what's that symbol. It's just a sharp point, pointing towards the sky.
There's no sandy beach but just rocky coast. We were okay with that but we really wanted to feel the Pacific Ocean, see how cold the water was and how clear the water would be. For a second, I was tempted to jump over and made a beeline to the water. I was civilized enough not to do that.
You know, when we were there we were so excited because we got to stand at the end of the island-country. Come to think about it, I've stood in many coastlines of Penang Island yet I did not feel the same excitement. Looks like it rings true that in a foreign land, you get excited looking at the different shapes of the dustbins, while our dustbin will always be that hideous green bin~!

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