Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Malaysia, My Home, Our Land~!

Thank you Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes for your brilliant work in birthing AirAsia with the tag motto of 'Now Everyone Can Fly'. No matter what others say about AirAsia, I only have praises to sing to AirAsia. Never late for any flight I was in. Thank you once again. 
It's the time of the year where we head out of the island, flying to the capital of Malaysia. We read in the newspaper that it's advisable to be at the airport two to three hours before for domestic flight. Thus, we make it a point to be early and there was no crowd at all at the airport. So we ended up being too early thus, the photo taking session. I was walking around, leaving the hubby to snooze on the chair. He's so comfortable he can sleep anywhere. I was looking for a bottle of mineral water and I found Dunkin Donuts selling bottled drinks. A 500ml bottle of Spritzer cost RM4.15. I told the cashier that I would continue fasting since it's still the month of Ramadhan.
My precious brought along her school work. I did not ask her to bring any of those. I did not even know she brought them along. She's big enough already so I no longer pack her luggage for her. She decides what she wants and there... her assignments tagged along. Hubby and I were betting that she wouldn't get anything done on a holiday. Hehehehe.... we were partially right~!
I did not book any window seat as I thought we've seen more than enough of Malaysia from the sky above. But the passenger beside me found it quite troublesome to get into his window seat since we were already well seated in our B and C seats so he decided to sit behind us at the aisle seat. Thank you for that. Greatly appreciate the opportunity to view Malaysia from above once again. That's the first Penang Bridge. As the plane soars above, my pride soars with it. I am really proud to be a Malaysian. Greatly honoured to be able to call this our home, our land. It is really beautiful.
Shall we just put the political scenes behind and just take in the beauty of this land. We are indeed blessed compared to other countries which have to make use of whatever's thrown to them. Our education may not be top notch, but don't forget that our students are not hardworking and do not take the initiative to learn. We're blessed with plenty of food, with all kinds of cuisines from all over the world. Malaysia is well-known now whether for a good cause or for all the wrong reasons.
A decade ago, many people who has never travel abroad thought that Malaysia belongs to one of Singapore's cities, now you know that Malaysia is a country on its own when our plane vanished into thin air, then our plan was shot down and you might have also heard of our political circus washing their dirty linens for all to see. As I look down on this land called Malaysia, I'm still proud to be living in it. I don't plan to migrate. I love this place. It's a hot country so I tend to stay indoor to avoid the scorching sun. 
That's the backbone of Peninsular Malaysia, the Titiwangsa Ranges which covered a few states with different peaks. I've driven across it, went up to two of its peaks and it's beautiful no matter what you say. There are bad people in Malaysia. There are bad people everywhere. One person's mistake should not kill off the good in others. To those who like the Chinese to get out, please don't do that. We were born and bred here. Where do you want us to go? It's very selfish to say that this land belongs to one race only. Didn't we contribute to the wealth of this nation as well? Our ancestors were buried here as well. By right, this land belongs to the Orang Asli. They came before everyone else yet they have been sidelined.
It's the Raya holidays and I booked an evening flight ticket because hubby and my precious were supposed to be in school in the morning. Well, the education ministry came out with the news that it's holiday for Wednesday but I couldn't do anything already as my tickets have been booked. If not I would have flew early in the morning. That's the second Kuala Lumpur International Airport, a big piece of an airport.

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