Sunday, July 12, 2015

KL Food Hunt: Paradise Inn at Sunway Pyramid...

 We were in Sunway Pyramid to get to our Aeroline bus. The bus was suppose to go off at 5:30pm but we were about 40 minutes earlier. So, we were contemplating whether to try out Texas Chicken. We were really full to the brim thus, we decided to walk around. We got enticed by an advertisement outside a Chinese restaurant, one of the sister restaurants of Paradise Dynasty.
 The giant abacus and the giant bowl seduced me to enter. Really got China's Chinese mentality of everything gigantic in size. I like~!
I like lights don't ask me why. It's the same thing of being obsessed with shoes and handbags which I'm not obsessed with.
Actually we saw that steamed pork belly bun being advertised with extra discount for tea time. We didn't realize that the advertisement was also of China's Chinese mentality of think big~! Come to think of it, the advertisement was actually bigger than us. When the steamed pork belly bun came to us, it was kinda disappointing because the plate was big but the bun was really small. Yeah, what was I expecting? I don't know what I was expecting but the advertisement outside was so huge. *sigh* I got tricked by advertisement.
It came with a bowl of dessert. It was something with mango. At first we thought it must be some sort of custard base pudding. I'm not very adventurous with food. I pushed the bowl to my precious first. She took a mouthful and her face just lighted up like a light bulb~! She was it was really very good. Facial expression will never lie. If the food was so-so, my precious will be expressionless. If the food was horrible, she will just push the whole thing to my hubby. Hubby like rubbish bin. Anything any of us doesn't it, he will save the food from going to the rubbish dump. After finishing our so-called tea, we had 15 more minutes before the bus leave us for good. But I wanted to try something else, like soup. The waitress quickly gave us the menu for soup and my eyes caught sight of double-boiled soup. I have no idea what the heck double boiling was at that point of time. I didn't even know I have double-boiler with me all these years~!!!!

I couldn't really understand why this pot of the double-boiled soup must cost so much. What's inside that made it so expensive. The waitress said the soup was double-boiled for many hours. I didn't understand why must the soup be double-boiled for so long and what on earth was the meaning of double boiling? Hubby said something like steaming but without the steam. Hubby is my walking dictionary and also my kitchen encyclopedia but I thought he's talking nonsense that day.
I told hubby I must dig out what's inside the soup that made it so expensive. Got few pieces of babi meat, got few pieces of pumpkin.
Three chicken feet. Odd pair... can't run away... so sad. I remembered there were dried oysters used and a lot more Chinese herbs listed on the menu. I didn't bother to take a picture of the menu or else I could go home and double-boil my own Chinese herbal soup. 
The three of us needed so many bowl just to drink a small pot of soup. The waiter and waitress were very kind and understanding. The soup was really hot so while we were sipping our first bowl, the waiter poured the rest into different bowls so that it would cool down faster. They're so kind. Unlike some waiters who would refuse to give you even an empty plate or extra pair of chopsticks. I didn't want to rush into finishing the expensive soup so fast. I wanted to take small sips. We made it to the bus :D

Now, I truly understand what makes double-boiled soup expensive. I came back and for the first time in my life I realized that  I actually do have a double boiler. My precious' mom sent us a Eu Yang Sang's hamper during the Chinese New Year. There were instructions for double-boiling the soup. The best ginseng soup I've ever tasted. It took me 4 hours to double-boil the soup. Other than ginseng there were dried red dates, dried longan and chicken meat added. The ingredients were not expensive. Trust me. I've bought a few Chinese herbal ingredients from the Chinese drug store and there were only a few Ringgit but after boiling the soup for 4 hours, I would charge you RM600 for one bowl. It's not because it's hardwork. There's no human energy involve in waiting for the soup to be double-boiled but human sanity is involve here. During that 4 hours, you can't go anywhere. Can't even take a nap. I was so afraid I might burn down the whole house if I leave it. I could only sit on my piano and started playing random songs until my neighbours became deaf. The piano room is just at the kitchen. Yeah, if you can't cook then you'll have to pay for others. Now, that I can cook, I'm not willing to pay others who serve me food with no standard.

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