Saturday, May 14, 2016

Day 15: Dinner at Din Tai Fung, Taipei 101

~ 28th March 2014 ~
So, we went to Taipei 101 just to dine at the renown Din Tai Fung. Some thought that Din Tai Fung was from Hong Kong because of the Cantonese name but it's actually from Taiwan itself. Well, there we were two years ago, taking the cue number and we had to hang around the high-end shopping centre for an hour before our number was called. We had to place the order standing outside the restaurant so that when it was really our turn, we would just walk inside and food was served on the table.
This is a 1 Michelin star award restaurant. We ordered the famous dishes and I would say that nothing beats the xiaolongbao. About the other dishes, Din Tai Fung has no chance against Dragon-i. The taste of clear soup prepared by Din Tai Fung lacks in taste. It's like you can taste it but there's no kick in it. Just no kick at all like the taste was trapped and couldn't find it's way out. Excellent clear soup will have a burst of saltiness that's just nice, not too salty and at the same time it gives such satisfaction that you will want to pick up the bowl and start drinking from the bowl itself. Maybe Taiwanese cuisine prefers trapped taste that never find its way out. I don't know but I just know that I'll never want to go back to Din Tai Fung.
Chinese cuisine lacks in colour. We finished up our food because it's just too overpriced. Look at that plate of stir fry cabbage. Well, we just indulge in luxury once in awhile but tell you honestly, grandma in China can cook better~!!
Oh, after dinner we went back to the camera shop to get the camera and I bought two boxes of Instax film for my precious. It's cheaper in Taiwan than in Malaysia even after conversion.

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