Monday, May 23, 2016

Day 20: The Wholesale World of Laojie - Old Street...

~ 2nd April 2014~
The weather was quite tame, with a little drizzle here and there. We had our dim sum at Indonesia Seafood Restaurant and then we head off to Laojie in Luohu District. Luohu District is quite famous because that's where the immigration is where you hop over to Hong Kong. Laojie is always crowded with people, those shoppers and also those hunting for wholesale goods. 
There are so many clothes store and shoes' world that it amazed me how you can find what you want in such a big place. I am not a shopper so I found nothing that I wanted. I have no intention to do any shopping. Further more, you are not allowed to try on the clothes, no matter how expensive it is. Just bring it home and if it doesn't fit you, hang it behind your room door and hope that one day you can squeeze into the dress. If it is too big, then keep it in your wardrobe, one day you might you might grow into the size, you will never know.
Most shops were busy packing for business people who have bought in bulk. The whole place was quite a mess and everything was dirt cheap. For example a hair clip cost only 10 cents calculated in renminbi, but at shops in Penang, that same hair clip would be selling around RM4 - RM5, so how many percent are they earning? Oh, my Maths fail at this juncture. Too many hundreds of percent to calculate.
We came to Laojie for food. Living in Australia for more than a decade, she missed having her Chinese snacks. I, on the other hand, was thinking of going home. Yeah, I'm quite a homely person. I have enough looking at clothes, shoes, handbags and hairclips that can bury you if the whole shelf came tumbling down. 
If you want to do business, just head over there to get your goods. If not you will have to venture further to Beijing. There's a particular wholesale area in Beijing which I like the clothes... I like them all~!

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