Saturday, May 14, 2016

Day 16: Breakfast at Eslite Cafe...

~ 29th March 2014~
Off to another part of Taiwan which we have never been to and the road was empty. We took the MRT there and along the way there were some nicely done exhibit by the roadside such as the caged tree.
We wanted to see the largest bookstore in Taiwan. It's a 24-hour bookstore and there's a cafe attached to the bookstore. There will be no problem making orders as the menu comes with English translation. It's Western-style breakfast. I like it this way.
We had a hearty breakfast without knowing that it will have to last us for the rest of the day until we reach China, Well, at least we had a good start for the day.
I bought two books from there, two recipe books to make the famous Swiss-roll but I need translators to translate every single word before I could bake.The Swiss-roll was perfect to the dot but another book for decorated cookies, the cookies were so hard if you throw it on a dog's head, the dog will suffer from irreversible concussion. 
On the way back we just hailed a cab down. We were in a hurry as we had to release our bowels so there's no time to take the MRT. So, our parting gift to Taiwan was the shit we contributed to the country's sewage system. Thank you for your services.

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