Saturday, May 21, 2016

Day 19: Recognizing Overseas Chinese Town (OCT)

~ 1st April 2014~
This was my second time in Overseas Chinese Town and I consider myself truly blessed to have the privilege to live like a local there. Pinky and her family are really great host who would go to great length to make us comfortable. I am an easy tourist. I just need a pillow and I can sleep anywhere. The floor is good enough. If I need to sleep with a dog, I'm okay with that too as I used to sleep with my doggie for many years.
Once you stepped out of the subway, take the B exit. Errr... don't really remember which exit because once you're so familiar with the place, you don't bother with the signage. Take the escalator up but lazy people like us took the elevator up. You will be greeted with black galloping horses and on your far left was a stranded old ship. 
If you feel like you might get lost, don't be afraid. Follow the rest of those who are walking. They will eventually end up at Wal-Mart and then follow on and you will see the pedestrian walkway. They have such good walkway, I don't mind walking everywhere. If the weather is good and coincides with public holidays, you can hear people screaming from Happy Valley. They screamed so much that I don't bother checking that place out since I could have the full view from the bedrooms and the balcony.

Overseas Chinese Town was developed by a Singapore company thus, you will have the feel of mighty clean Singapore in OCT, but once you stepped out of this area, you will get the China feel and view. The people living here are more polite than other part of the place but sometimes, you will meet people with no civic consciousness at all, even though they are adults.
This particular lady had his toddler boy stripped from his pants and shit at the beautiful park. Mind you, there were rows and stretches of restaurants and cafes. McDonald's was just opposite. Anyone could use the toilet without buying anything. Wait till you meet those who let babies pee and poop in the clean subway, you will never forget what you have seen.

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