Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Afternoon at The Beach...

I was surprised to get a call from a Palestinian the night before. Well, he said he will be there around 10:15a.m. I had a morning class so I had to cancel that. It was quiet in the morning. This was my second time going to the beach in the morning. The first time was at 8a.m. I have a place to call my own but I can't sit still for long. I get bored easily. So, I walked around with my camera in hand, ready to click for anything... anything will do before I scream out loud out of boredom.
The dog on the left was smirking away while sleeping. The one on the right looked like a roasted dog. The middle one looked dead. Wouldn't it be nice if I was the one lying down on the soft sand - then I remembered that the horses actually peed and shit on the sand. I brushed off that idea immediately. I made a phone call since it was already 10:30a.m. They will be arriving in 60 minutes. I almost fainted hearing that... oh, well. What am I gonna do for an hour? I forget to bring my story book and newspaper. Since I have nothing better to do and I seriously cannot sit quietly for an hour, thus I told the beach operator that I'll be going for a long walk. Have to inform if not they will get worried if I'm missing. There was once I walked away without telling them, they went searching for me... I wouldn't wanna trouble them that way again. It was a long walk from Golden Sands Resort to Bayview Beach Hotel.
It took me a few minutes to calculate the waves. Yes, can be calculated and if you really try to feel the rhythm and looked at the pattern, you'll know which waves were bigger or smaller than the other. When the current was strong and the wind was blowing, you really need to get that tempo or else if you're riding on the jet-ski, you'll be thrown off from the machine. You don't just accelerate all the way. There's time to stop for awhile. You'll either break your back or neck if you fall in a twisted position. There's risk in any sports so, play it right.
Saw this halfway strolling along the stretch of beach. That clear water was definitely from the drain or was it from the toilet coz' once in awhile I smelt something unpleasant. No choice but had to wade through the water to continue my walk.

Aha! One of the beach operators from Park Royal offered to take a photo for me. At first I told him no need as I didn't really want to talk to stranger. He insisted that I'm a Japanese... come all the way from Japan without a memorable picture? Ok... take one for me then since it's so difficult to convince some of these people that I am NOT a Japanese but a local Chinese. I AM A PENANGNITE!! Maybe I should wear a tag with huge printed words I AM MADE IN MALAYSIA!
The sand was getting very hot - burning hot. I had no slippers as they were at the hut. I was so far from the hut. Walked in the cold water, then. Hot and cold. Hot and cold and my skin was starting to burn.
I love this pic the most. The colour contrast was so obvious. Looked more like a painting than a real life pic. The horse with the sexy ass... oh, my... what was I thinking... must be because of the sun and my brain was fried.
There was a stretch with shells. Usually I don't pick up shells coz' it'll dirty my hands. Then, on the way back, I decided to pick the shells up and walked back to my place. Since I have another half an hour to kill, must well I made full use of my time. Art on sand with shells....

The moment I finished this, I took a pic coz I had a feeling that the waves gonna come and washed them away. My instinct was right. It got washed away before I get to continue with your title and surname. I did put Dr. on top and bottom L-O and poof! no H and a pile of messed up shells. Oh, well... then I made one for myself...

It was almost 12 noon and the tide was rising. This time the wave came in and took away ALL my shells. Forget 'bout playing then as the Palestinians have arrived. They are staying in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia so no war over there. The guys went to play and I kept their mom company. It was nice chatting with her. The first question she asked me was, "Are you a Christian?" I told her YES! The next question, " Are you a Japanese?" FAINT! I'm a Chinese. Then she asked, "You're not a local then. You don't sound like one. You're from China?" ARGH~! We yak and laughed and yak and I know I really kept her entertained with my motor-mouth. She has 6 sons and she wished I am her daughter she never had. She shared a lot about herself, her country, her thoughts and opinions. Very well-educated, a fine lady, indeed.
I've got myself an invitation to stay in Jeddah if I ever visit Arab. She gave me a RM50 tip at the end of everything. How come locals never give me tips but instead always ask and ask for more discount until I felt like I have to dig from my pockets in order for them to indulge in watersports? Thanks a bunch, Nona... you made my day! I enjoyed talking to you and hope we meet again.

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