Friday, July 03, 2009

From Your Greatest Power...

  • A tooth grows from the inside so, we must change our inner thoughts... as we change our inner thoughts about our financial positions, the outward change is bound to come about.
  • Stop to think about it... you can choose to be friendly, or you can choose to be unfriendly. You can choose to be helpful, or you can choose to refuse to help. You can choose to be cooperative, or you can choose to be stubborn. You can choose to get excited, or you can choose to be calm. You can choose to loose your temper, or you can choose to overlook the matter which would ordinarily cause you to be upset. You can choose to be lovable, or you can choose to be bitter.
  • Our financial condition is a thought first, and then a reality. If we want to change our financial picture, we must first change our thought. If we choose to change our inner thoughts... our outer conditions must change.
  • The world will start getting better the very minute we choose to make it better.
  • We can control our thoughts... and by controling our thoughts... by using this greatest power.. the power to choose... we are indirectly able to control conditions.
  • Let us choose to believe that something good can happen. Why must we always use the old model... that something bad will happen?
  • We have gone through the stone age, the wood age, the iron age, just going through the mechanical age.. we are now entering the mental age. Man has been using ... those who have used it.. the power to choose and not realizing it. Now that we realize it.. we make the great discovery that most of our troubles, our difficulties and our miseries are man-made.
  • We have the power to choose... let us use it to the best of our ability. As we use our minds to choose the best so we will find that the universal mind will come to our aid and assistance to help us choose the best. Together we cannot fail.
  • This ability to recognize this greatest power... the power to choose... makes it possible for a person to get the most out of life, while the other person not recognizing this power makes life a burden.
  • If each one of us would make his own family life a pleasant and enjoyable experience, the whole world could be changed in a very short time.
  • In controlling our power to choose, we can make life interesting and worthwhile to ourselves and everyone else around us.
  • After the universal power gives man life... then it is up to man to choose to do with it as he sees fit.
  • Therefore, the fact remains that in as much as we are going through life just once, we should choose to make life a confident one, instead of a timid one... that we should choose to make a calm life rather than one of restlessness... that we should choose to have poise rather than confusion... that we should choose to make the most of life for ourselves and everyone else around us ... rather than spoil our own lives and those around us.
  • Keep thinking good thoughts. Keep thoughts that will help you, not harm you. It is important, because through this greatest power... the power to choose... life becomes what you think and choose it to be.
  • All over the world people choose to believe that if it isn't one thing, it's another.
  • If each of us will start to choose to improve himself, we can change our own little worlds, the little world that each and everyone of us lives in. That's the most important one for us. That is the one we can do something about.
  • If these poeple involved would use this greatest power given to man... the power to choose... we would find ourselves in an altogether different style of living.
  • This greatest power... the power to choose.. will make life for him what he always wanted it to be; not to depend upon something outside of himself, but to depend on that great power within himself, this God-given power which makes him a man.

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