Thursday, August 12, 2010

... And The Arches Came Crashing Down...

In the bid to beautify and upgrade the look of the Botanical Garden, RM7 mil has been allocated for the project. Out of that RM150k was spent for each arch. Simple Maths calculated that two of those arches cost RM300k of the taxpayers' blood and sweat. If they're such an eye sore, why put them up in the first place? Why? Now spend RM70k to remove them because they're dangerously tilting.

That kinda money can be used to feed so many unfortunate children around the country. I cannot understand why that arch should be erected out of nowhere in the first place? It's so tall and huge, it will be great to hang cable cars on them... and I can only survive walking around Botanical Garden for less than 10 minutes and I don't see anything nice. From the front gate, there were puddles of stinky stagnant water and the parking area... *sigh*

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