Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Beautiful Exchange...

I was hunting for new songs to put in this bloggie of mine. The album "A Beautiful Exchange" has just been released... it has only been released in July 2010... enjoy the songs...
  1. Our God is Love
  2. Open My Eyes
  3. Forever Reign
  4. The One Who Saves
  5. Like Incense/Sometimes by Step
  6. The Greatness of Our God
  7. The Father's Heart
  8. You
  9. Love Like Fire
  10. Believe
  11. Beautiful Exchange
  12. Thank You
Just stay in my bloggie for an hour... just an hour to fill your spirit with all these songs... or why not just get the CD or DVD or download it into your iPod or MP3 or MP4 or whatever MP that you have... oh, click play on the iPod and it will start playing... if you come directly from my Facebook, you'll have to click on this -->

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