Friday, August 13, 2010


It is surprising how we use abstract words, that although familiar, we have difficulty grasping the meaning. We have two conditional requirements if we want to receive real strength.
  1. WAIT - the word 'wait' is defined as to - abide, stay, remain, tarry, expect, look for, watch. in a restful, relaxing attitude we come before the Lord with real expectations and desires on our heart.
  2. BE OF GOOD COURAGE - the word 'courage' is defined as "the quality of mind which enables a person to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, determination and boldness"

So, to receive God's strength into our lives we must take time to wait with a restful, relaxing attitude and really expect to receive from God personally. When we know what God wants us to do,and what His word tells us to do, we must be determined and bold enough to pursue that line of action.

See the way God does things, and fall into line. [Ecclesiastes 7:13]

If you put these two conditions into action you will receive a real strength and vitality from God.

This sort of 'waiting' takes time, quietness, patience and expectancy and brings such wonderful results...

~ Those who wait on God, never come away empty handed ~

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