Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Gift of Money...

Money is nothing more than a tool.
It can be a force for good, a force for evil or simply be idle.

Money... we need it to survive. Without money, we'll go hungry. I'll be a liar if I tell you that I don't like money, I don't want money and I don't need money, but I'm not going to be the slave of money.

There are many things money can do to us - to get our basic necessities, a little bit of entertainment such as shopping, movies, travels and so on.

How much is enough? The answer is it will never be enough until we know how to appreciate the value of money and what money means to people in different situation and condition. There are many things money cannot buy. Someone told me that money can bring you happiness but having experience that, I'm telling you in all honesty, money will never bring you happiness. The happiness money brings you is a short-lived one. To help others when we have more than enough, that is pure joy as we're able to help them go through their difficult moments.

When you find that you're content with how much you have in your pocket, you'll always be happy about it and you'll never be short of money.

Loving money leads to a hollow, empty existence. But when we learn how to lvoe people and use money, everything is in its proper perspective.

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