Friday, June 29, 2012

Over A Cupcake...

“There is no learning disability, only teacher inability and society incapacity." E.L. 
There are many ways to eat a cupcake. Oh well, of course there's only one way to eat a cupcake, that's through your mouth. What I mean is you can have your cupcake over a cup of hot chocolate, take a slow bite, sink your teeth into the cupcake and savour the taste or you can just down it at one go with a glass of cold water. We have our cupcakes over a discussion regarding what my Donk Donk has to say. Come to think about it, E.L. stands for Eloquent Lameness. This is an inside joke so not everyone will be able to catch the joke. 
 On the first bite, we were discussing about whether there is or there is no learning disability. The truth is, learning disabilities do exist so 1 point for us, 0 for Donk Donk. There are children with learning disabilities and definitely adults with learning disabilities. Not everyone is given the ability to learn thus, the mushrooming of Donkey's self-funded schools for children with various disabilities. Again, the Donkey struck it's own head for talking nonsense. 
On the second bite, we looked into the phrase 'only teacher disability'. We voted the Donkey down. There are teachers who are not able to teach, but there are teachers who did a really great job in teaching. One should start wondering, if the whole class was taught by the same teacher, why were there students who ace the subject while others flunk the subject. Teachers failure to transfer knowledge or students failure to grasp the knowledge? It's not a teacher's inability but the student's inability. Or is the Donkey saying that his group of teachers have inability in teaching? Or the Donkey itself is unable to teach? We laugh at that statement. Donk Donk just struck itself on its head for the second time. HHmmm... the improved red velvet cupcake tasted really nice. I love the sour cream cheese topping and love the colourful rice. 
 On the third bite, we were thinking deeply about 'society incapacity'. This is open for discussion as society does play an important role. All in all, we felt that the Donkey was just trying to garner praises with its not-too-smart statement. Donk Donk must have missed putting its initial at the end of the donkey-braying statement. 
 On the last bite, we figure we shouldn't discuss about such boring topic while having such a wonderful cupcake during tea time as we hardly have time for each other. Hubby comes home, I leave the house to work. And we're really busy and I spent at least 6 hours in the kitchen because that's the best part of the house. 
Truth be told, we did not discuss about the Donkey's lame statement. We were just enjoying ourselves with the cupcakes for 5 minutes then we have to carry on with our stuff. The rest of the cupcakes were given away according to my fat distribution method. It's far better to give than to receive and I'm happy when the guinea pigs enjoy the fruits of my labour. It's all about my improved red velvet cupcakes. 

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