Thursday, December 22, 2016

Atomy - Sold Out... Sold Out...

Stock replenished today but incomplete. The toothbrush maker must be spending their time around the clock just to manufacture the gold ion embedded bristle toothbrush. The toothbrush never made an appearance on the online shopping mall. 

There were people who were furious that they never get the chance to buy especially those who were stuck in the office and only have the chance to do what they want after working hours. And to their amazement, the things they wanted were sold out. How did all this happen so fast? Some were criticizing Atomy for being unprofessional as this is not the way to do business, as the products should always be more than enough to cater to members.

How do you define more than enough? One million should be more than enough, no? Will two million be more enough if one million is not enough? It's a new company, it's just a baby here but this baby is forced to run like an athlete. The only thing that Mr. Park has miscalculated is Malaysians are really good in doing business. We know how to calculate and accumulate, we know how to race all the way up the ranks in a really short time. We're so good, we sing praises to ourselves. We know how to manipulate the placement of people so that we would balance our group PV.

Strike it when it's hot. This is one phrase one has to observe. When there's always no stock, the new members might be pissed off and abandon Atomy completely. So, the oldies who are smart enough will buy more to keep so that the new members will be kept happy. Is that illegal selling then? The answer should be a big NO. Illegal selling is like you purposely stock up just to sell on your website or you purposely built a website just to sell and earn profit from that. And then you paint a different story to your customers to make them think that they can only get it from you and not any other place.

Sometimes, genuine people like us buy everything that's in store just to be able to show to new members. They will not think that we are just asking them to sign  on a piece of printed form and hoodwinked them into joining a non-existing company. There are people with thoughts which were out of the box. They could come out with equations which never crossed my mind. Sometimes I was baffled with what they said that I chose to keep my mouth shut and save my saliva from arguing. The saying that customers are always right do not apply in this case because I'm not selling anything. 

The company will probably need another month or two to stabilize the number of products in order to know what number is deemed enough to cater for Malaysians. Do I have enough to run around with? I don't... I'm still waiting for my previous orders to arrive at my doorstep. It's taking longer than it should but I'm not going to 'bomb' Atomy with my words because Atomy doesn't owe me anything.

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