Friday, December 23, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡ Yeh Lin Seafood Steamboat ❀

Lunch stop was at this place. You'll see the signboard by the road side but you would not be able to see the restaurant. I do not know whether to call it a restaurant or not. It's just a wooden house with zinc roof as extension for patrons. 
The narrow road would lead you there. Just be brave enough to drive okay. Balik Pulau is the suburb of the island. We have no Internet service because we have never applied for data. Last time no Internet you don't see people get lost also. Now with data and Google map or navigator, people are more lost and never able to find the place. Just don't drive into the ravine thinking that there will be more things to see and do down there. Drive as long as there is road and no matter how narrow the road is.
Kinda small portion but the food was good. Exactly like home-cooked dishes.

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