Thursday, December 22, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡ Saanen Diary Goat Farm ❀

Our second stop was to the goat farm. A short distant drive was needed and the road was quite narrow. Along the narrow row, there were rows of pineapples as the organic farm was just before the goat farm. 
There was a group of children at the farm turning up for a visit. The farm did not charge any fee two years ago. I do not know about the current situation. There was a cage with a few rabbits in it. How come the rabbits never fight with each other? Our rabbits would be fighting with each other until only one left standing. 
We fed the goats and had a jolly good time interacting with the goats. They are mammals. They are just like dogs. They yearned for attention but in the end, they will end up as someone's dinner when they are big enough to be sold off. Looking back at those photos, I think I captured nice profile photos for the goats.
Milking the goats using equipment. Our first time seeing that. We're city folks. And there was this goat with breast cancer and a part of its breast has been removed. 
Oh, spidey.... 
We spent a couple of hours there. The place was really clean and not smelly at all. Well kept place. It depends on how much you love animals. I can spend hours with animals.

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